Plastic workpiece carrier For delicate and precise small parts

We manufacture robust plastic workpiece carriers in our 3D printing center. These stackable pallets are designed for transporting and storing delicate small parts in production, precisely tailored to both product requirements and our customers' needs. Leveraging specialized expertise from plant engineering, we ensure the optimal pallet solution for each specific requirement.

More innovation & flexibility thanks to additive manufacturing

3D printing technology is ideally suited for manufacturing workpiece carriers. It allows us to accelerate product development and make adjustments flexibly and promptly. We offer comprehensive services ranging from design and prototyping to small-batch production.

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Konstrukteur und 3D-Druck-Spezialist Johannes Sonntag
Johannes Sonntag
Design Engineer / 3D Specialist
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Plastic workpiece carrier The advantages of 3D printing at a glance

For the additive manufacturing of customer- and product-specific workpiece carriers, we use a plastic material that offers a balanced mix of durability, toughness, impact resistance, accuracy, and fine surface resolution, while also being environmentally friendly. This results in pallets that meet the high demands of our customers across various application areas.

The advantages of additive manufacturing of plastic workpiece carriers speak for themselves.

Variable tray sizes and shapes

We manufacture the trays in various sizes and shapes, from round to rectangular.

Custom interior design

Depending on the workpiece, the interior parts consist of compartments, partitions, pins, holes, grooves, etc.

Engineering expertise

Our experienced team develops innovative solutions for complex challenges.


Upon request, Data Matrix codes or RFID chips can be integrated into the workpiece carriers for traceability.

Perfect positioning accuracy

Highest precision in positioning workpieces - thanks to suitable positioning elements (pins, etc.) and workpiece-specific manufacturing.

Environmentally friendly and resource-efficient

We use biocompatible powder and recycle leftover powder whenever possible.

Additive manufacturing process Using the example of plastic trays produced by the SLS process

For the production of customer- and product-specific workpiece carriers made of plastic, we use the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process. This additive manufacturing technology is particularly suited for integrating functionalities into the component. In the SLS process, a high-performance laser serves as the energy source, melting the plastic powder and thus bonding the particles together.

In the images below, our 3D printing specialist Johannes Sonntag demonstrates the additive manufacturing process of the workpiece carrier.

We design the 3D printed parts in CAD
CAD design of the component

Our skilled design team is ready to create components based on data and specific customer requirements, as necessary.

removing print
Production and printing removal

Based on the CAD data, a single or a consolidated component is thus created layer by layer in the build space.

3D-specialist Johannes Sonntag depowders the printed tray
Depowdering the trays

After printing, the workpiece carriers are removed from the consolidated component and depowdered.

3D printing specialist at ROBOWORKER: Johannes Sonntag
Finished product

Within 12 hours, the workpiece carrier is ready for use in production.

3D Printing

Consulting & Service For your optimal plastic carrier

We are your competent partner for industrial 3D printing. Our experienced expert team assists you in the development and manufacturing of 3D printing solutions based on component data and specific customer requirements. Discover more about our full-service offerings.

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Konstrukteur und 3D-Druck-Spezialist Johannes Sonntag
Johannes Sonntag
Design/ 3D printing

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