Powder Compacting Cells RPC The production platform for all areas of powder compaction

With the powder compacting cells RPC ROBOWORKER offers a new production platform. It combines powder compacting press, robotics, innovation, cost savings, and quality design.

Perfect compacting, fully automatic processing of compacted parts

The machine automatically processes compacted parts and sinter trays, from pressing to handoff to the next process step.

The powder press cell excels with innovative process control, revolutionary programming technologies, and fully integrated optical inspection within the process. These are new and unique in the powder press industry. Operating the powder press and robotics via a single control enables increased productivity.

You can use powder press cells in all areas of powder compaction.

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Powder compacting cell RPC 120 with automation PAG 80 Magazine Solutions

Minimization of Non-productive Times For an optimal Overall Equipment Efficiency OEE

When calculating Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), it is important to consider both high stroke rates and non-productive times. Non-productive times are minimized in the RPC through numerous automated process steps during programming, setup, and process monitoring.

This approach reduces setup times and scrap from green parts.

Additional advantages of the ROBOWORKER Powder Compacting Cells RPC

ROBOWORKER RPC powder press cells include a wide range of benefits. Please reach out to us, and we will gladly provide you with detailed information, down to the smallest detail.

Efficiency enhancement through measurement and inspection technology

As the only powder compacting cell on the market, RPC features in-process measurement and inspection capabilities.

ROBOWORKER designs the modules using its proven measurement and testing equipment, tailored specifically for the requirements of press cells. Intelligent image processing software ensures quality while enhancing efficiency.

Optimal communication

The ROBOWORKER RPC operates through a single control interface, facilitating the complete integration of all process programming aspects.

Furthermore, it achieves optimal synchronization of all simultaneously moving axes, thereby ensuring high productivity. The powder press and automation communicate at the highest level of efficiency.

Industry 4.0 capable

ROBOWORKER provides intelligent factory solutions for controlling and managing all relevant process steps directly through the customer's production planning system.

The powder press cell can process CAD data, significantly simplifying and standardizing parameter input. Additionally, the system can transmit process data live to the customer's MES system via standardized interfaces.

Outstanding price/performance ratio

The ROBOWORKER RPC powder press cell boasts many innovative features. Some of these features are entirely new to the industry, all at a fair price.

See for yourself!

Powder Compacting Cell in Action Here is how they operate

  • User-friendly modular menu navigation minimizing the number of recipe data entries while maximizing product variety.
  • Simple and fast teach-in processes.
  • Improving quality through integrated brushing and high-pressure blowing.
  • Automatic quality assurance through precision weighing and optical inspection and measurement devices.
  • Processing of all kinds of sinter trays.
  • Integrated linking of subsequent processes in the press shop through standardized transport equipment.
Our experts from Sales, Process Technology and Software Development about the RPC:
Manager Business Unit Compacting Technology in production
"In our powder press cell RPC, we have placed special emphasis on an open tool room and maximum powder containment to ensure operator safety, alongside appealing design and excellent craftsmanship."
- David Scheck, Head of BU Compacting Technology at ROBOWORKER

Maximum Flexibility in The Selection of Robotic Automations The RPC are suitable for all robotic automations available at ROBOWORKER

ROBOWORKER has more than three decades of experience in developing and delivering robotic automations for powder presses. This expertise has made ROBOWORKER the specialist in robotics and automation technology.

The high-tech machines feature numerous functionalities and components. Customers can configure them individually based on their requirements and specific product portfolios.

Based on the input of press parameters, the robotic automation is to a high degree programmed automatically.

Improvement in quality through add-ons Brushing, blowing off, weighing, measuring, and inspecting

ROBOWORKER equips its powder pressing cell RPC with various add-on modules. These modules enhance the quality of the green part and reduce manufacturing effort in subsequent processes.

Modules for enhancing quality
  • Programmable brushing module RBM and additional brushing options for side brushing.
  • Various modules for blowing off burrs and powder residues.
  • Precision weighing cells for weighing green parts.
  • Modules for measuring and inspecting the geometry and surface of the green part.

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Questions & Answers If you do not see your question here, please feel free to contact us.

What information does ROBOWORKER need to create an offer for an RPC?

Before we create an offer, we conduct a detailed discussion with you to clarify, among other things, the type of products, the size of the sinter trays, and the average batch sizes. Technical drawings and samples of products and sinter trays do not necessarily need to be available at this time.

Technische Zeichnungen und Muster von Produkten und Sintertrays müssen zu diesem Zeitpunkt nicht zwingend vorliegen.

Can I continue using my old ROBOWORKER automation when purchasing a new ROBOWORKER powder press?

Our software experts have optimized the interface between the powder press and automation even for older ROBOWORKER automations. However, we initially examine each request constructively. Upon request, we are also happy to provide you with an offer for refurbishing your automation.

Dennoch prüfen wir jede Anfrage zunächst konstruktiv. Gerne unterbreiten wir Ihnen in diesem Zusammenhang auf Wunsch auch ein Angebot für eine Überholung Ihrer Automation.

What service does ROBOWORKER offer for the RPC?

ROBOWORKER offers a comprehensive service. This includes press tests in the technology center, installation of the systems, commissioning, and production support, as well as preventive maintenance, on-site service, and remote service. Spare and wear parts are also included, along with a friendly and competent after-sales service.

For detailed information: ROBOWORKER Service

Does ROBOWORKER offer training?

For all ROBOWORKER systems, we offer basic, advanced, and refresher training for setup personnel, operators, and maintenance staff. In a preliminary discussion, we clarify the training needs and are happy to customize the content individually.

Does ROBOWORKER deliver worldwide?

ROBOWORKER systems are in use worldwide.

Our experienced export team coordinates transport by road via truck, as well as by sea and air freight.

Can one visit ROBOWORKER and see the production of the RPC?

Contact our sales team. We will be happy to arrange a visit to our site.

What warranty period does ROBOWORKER offer for the RPC?

Our warranty period is generally two years. During the warranty period, spare parts are free of charge.