Machinery parts and accessories Hybrid and 3D-printed components for innovative manufacturing

We develop and manufacture innovative machinery parts and high-quality accessories for production, specifically for equipment and grippers. At ROBOWORKER, we utilize state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies. The added design freedom and flexibility of additive manufacturing allow us to optimize our components in terms of functionality, performance, and cost efficiency. This elevates production processes to a new level.

We now offer the following machine components and production accessories on request. Click on the links to find out more about the different parts and their functions:

High-performance parts for end use

For the additive manufacturing of our machinery and accessory parts using the SLS process, we use robust thermoplastics. Parts made from this material exhibit high mechanical properties and strength. Therefore, they are suitable for end use and are comparable to conventionally manufactured injection-molded parts. Overall, the machinery parts and manufacturing accessories are characterized by competitive unit costs, enhanced functionalities, durability, and ready-to-use delivery.

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Improve machine performance and optimize processes Innovative machinery parts and accessories as game changers in production

Our expertise is your advantage! We combine profound know-how in plant engineering with the latest 3D printing capabilities. This results in innovative machinery parts and manufacturing accessories with enhanced functionalities that improve your machine performance. Discover the benefits at a glance:

Surface finishing

We offer various finishing processes that can improve the thermal, mechanical and chemical properties of components. For example: chemical smoothing, vibratory grinding, coloring, oil-resistant coatings, and much more.


3D printing is particularly resource-friendly. We use biocompatible powder and return used powder to the cycle wherever possible. This conserves resources and protects the environment.

Engineering expertise

Our experienced team develops innovative solutions for complex tasks. We combine our profound expertise in plant engineering with state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies to make processes more efficient.

Customized adjustments.

We implement custom solutions in 3D printing – easily and flexibly. We can make adjustments to datasets quickly and manufacture even complex geometries cost-effectively and quickly, starting from a quantity of 1 piece.

Konstrukteur und 3D-Druck-Spezialist Johannes Sonntag
Johannes Sonntag
Design/3D printing specialist
Hybrid filling shoes for powder presses

Our offerings

Hybrid filling shoes for powder presses Pioneering shoe-filling technology for optimized process stability

The shoe filler for single cavities is a product specifically developed for the ROBOWORKER RPC press cell, and it can also be used in presses from other manufacturers.

  • manufactured using state-of-the-art production methods
  • inner diameter: 50 mm
  • available in various colors
  • other geometries and sizes available on request
  • designed for optimal process stability
  • process-optimized inner contour
  • replaceable high-performance seal
  • integrated extraction
  • filling tube reproducibly adjustable
  • designed for optimal powder flow

Packaging boxes Our packaging solution for sensitive and highly precise parts

No more compromises in packaging. The packaging boxes 3D printed by us are specifically designed for sensitive and highly precise workpieces. We make customer- and part-specific adjustments upon request.

  • Robust material with fine surface resolution
  • Secure positioning to prevent rotation
  • Accommodates negative part forms (like in foam)
  • Customizable number of compartments
  • Different sizes of compartments in one box
  • Part-specific design
  • Various finishes available on request
3D-printed packaging box with pins for indexable inserts
Gripper insets

Gripper insets The economical alternative to balloons

Test our 3D-printed insets with blow-off function for hole grippers (balloon and suction balloon grippers) now. Available individually or as a set with 18 inserts.

  • Gripping range from 2-8 mm covered with only 6 sizes (when using balloons, a significantly larger number must be stocked)
  • Simple pressure regulation (when using balloons, the pressure must be adjusted to the type/size of the balloon)
  • Optimally designed for precise and gentle gripping of green parts
  • Material with balanced mechanical properties and fine surface resolution
  • High durability due to long-term stability of mechanical properties
  • Shape-stable and resistant to dust
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Easy to assemble in a few steps
Insets for grippers

Choose the appropriate gripping range for your insets. The gripping surfaces range from 2-8 mm:

  • Gripping range 2.0-3.0 mm, 2 jaws
  • Gripping range 3.0-3.5 mm, 3 jaws
  • Gripping range 3.5-4.2 mm, 3 jaws
  • Gripping range 4.0-5.2 mm, 3 jaws
  • Gripping range 5.0-6.5 mm, 3 jaws
  • Gripping range 6.3-10.0 mm, 5 jaws

Always have the right size at hand with our set, clearly and securely packaged in a transparent box. The set contains 3 each of hole gripper insets with blow-off function.

Delivery includes screws for mounting and instructions.

Consulting & Service Leverage our expertise for your success!

Service at ROBOWORKER means not only fast and perfect delivery of components but also providing you with the best support from the very beginning of your planning phase. We offer a wide range of services that we would like to introduce to you. Start with expert advice from our specialists!

  • Design proposal for your application
  • CAD support for integrations into your systems
  • Design calculations
  • Flanges, energy chains etc.
Additional Services
  • Competent advice on your planned project
  • Maintenance documentation
  • Fast delivery of spare and wear parts
Design Engineer at PC

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