Schematic representation of the ROBOWORKER press floor technology chain
Press Shop Technology Chain: Loading of all machines with the same magazine trolley

Automated Machining of Green Parts With ROBOWORKER Drilling and Brushing Systems

In addition to powder presses and powder compacting cells, ROBOWORKER offers two more types of systems for the press shop: automated green part machining with drilling and brushing systems. With integrated component storage and automated handling, these systems contribute to the highest efficiency in the press shop.

Transport system: magazine trolleys

Magazine trolleys can be used as a standard transport system for ordes within various processes. They can be employed in compacting and green part machining for drilling and brushing, transporting the green parts to the next process step.

ROBOWORKER Drilling Stations The cost-effective alternative

Acquiring a cross-hole press for the production of indexable inserts with complex geometries, such as tangential milling inserts, is only economically viable at large production volumes.

Manual drilling processes are generally inefficient due to high labor costs and scrap rates.

ROBOWORKER offers a powerful and cost-effective alternative with its automated drilling stations, RDS. These stations are suitable for small to medium batch sizes as well.

Schematic representation of hole deviation
After sintering
Left: Deformation of the drill hole in parts with uneven compaction
Right: Minimal deformation with uniform compaction and subsequent drilling
Before and after brushing with the ROBOWORKER brushing systems RBS
Comparison:BEFORE and AFTER brushing with ROBOWORKER Brushing Stations

ROBOWORKER Brushing Stations Edge honing before sintering

Edge honing of indexable inserts is a crucial step to maximize their performance and extend their lifespan. It helps to improve the quality of the processed inserts and enhances the efficiency of machining processes.

The various models of ROBOWORKER brushing systems are designed for brushing entire sinter trays with green parts. They enhance the precision of edge honing before sintering. These systems brush the green parts evenly and efficiently, ensuring improved machining performance and longer tool life of the final product.

Cutting inserts on sinter tray

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Commissioners in front of automated Drilling Station RDS
Automated Drilling Station with magazine trolley
Drilling Stations RDS
Brushing Station RBS with robotic automation with magazine trolley
Brushing Stations RBS