Robotic Automations RHA Super-fast high-end handling devices

The proven RHA robotic automation devices are compatible with all common powder presses and other machining solutions. Featuring a highly precise and ultra-fast robot system, they extract parts, removing powder and burrs.

Following this, the parts are weighed and palletized onto sinter trays. The generated placing patterns are optimized for subsequent sintering processes. Additionally, parts can be inspected for quality.

Our models:

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Column of the automation system RHA with 4-axis robot

Four-Axis Robot System High-precision and highly dynamic

The four-axis robot system in the RHA is equipped with direct measuring systems on the X, Y, and Z1 axes, ensuring high precision and dynamics. The system is designed to accommodate additional axes in the gripper (rotation, turning, tilting). All axes feature precision linear guides, are dustproof, and vibration-free. With extensive travel paths, the robot system can generate strong>above-average loading areas.

The RHA robotic automation includes:
  • Gripper interface compatible with all ROBOWORKER grippers.
  • Station for automatic switching between gripper and punch cleaner.
  • Adjustable 19" touchscreen with user-friendly HMI and mobile handheld terminal for teach-in operations.
  • Integration of various modules to ensure quality (brushing module, air blast module, weighing cells, image processing modules).
  • Various options for tray handling.
  • Modern design with integrated control cabinet for optimal accessibility.

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Robotic automation RHA Magazine System

RHA Magazine System Access during operation

The magazine system with an automatic lift door features up to ten levels. All levels can be accessed during operation to unload full trays or load empty ones.

  • Fixed, Ffront-integrated magazine system: Positioned for easy access and operation.
  • Storage Capacity: Offers 3 to 10 levels accommodating up to 10 carrier plates. Depending on sinter tray size, multiple trays can be processed per level.
  • Loading and Unloading During Operation: Enables continuous operation with loading and unloading of trays while the system is running.

RHA with double conveyor belt system High autonomy with buffer function

The RHA with double conveyor system buffers both empty and full sinter trays. This allows one person to operate simultaneously multiple machines. An integrated lifting unit automatically positions each tray into the loading position and transports it away after filling.

  • Loading Options: Available with both side and front loading of trays.
  • Storage Capacity: Holds up to 3 empty and 3 full trays. Depending on the size of the sinter trays, multiple trays can be processed per carrier plate.
  • Loading and Unloading During Operation: Enables continuous loading and unloading of the dual conveyor system while in operation.
Robotic automation RHA with conveyor belt system

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