Automated Drilling Stations RDS: Green Part Drilling THE alternative to cross-hole pressing and manual drilling

The automated RDS drilling stations are perfect for green part drilling. They offer a powerful and cost-effective alternative to cross-hole pressing and manual drilling.

Investing in a cross-hole press for the production of indexable inserts with complex geometries, such as tangential milling inserts, only becomes economically viable at high production volumes.

On the other hand, manual drilling processes are generally less efficient due to high labor costs and scrap rates.

The automated RDS drilling stations for green part drilling are therefore ideally suited for small to medium batch sizes, making them an alternative to both of the aforementioned methods.

Automated Drilling Stations RDS

An automated drilling station for green part drilling features dual clamping units. This allows the robot within the automation system to load or unload while drilling is simultaneously performed. Drilled green parts are placed on a sinter tray. The robotic automation includes integrated tray handling, capable of automatically processing a high number of sinter trays.

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Compacting Green Parts on Standard Presses With Subsequent Drilling Process reliability through standard processes

The density distribution in the green part influences the deformation of the indexable insert after sintering. Manufacturing with standard presses and standard pressing processes ensures a uniform density distribution. The drill hole is added only after the pressing process.

The ROBOWORKER RDS drilling station thus supports process reliability in the production process.

Schematic representation of hole deviation
Cross-hole pressed green part: possible distortion after sintering
Green part produced on standard press: minimal distortion after sintering

Additional advantages of ROBOWORKER RDS Drilling Systems

The ROBOWORKER RDS drilling stations offer a range of benefits. Contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information.

Low engineering effort and tool costs, shortest setup times

Drilling green parts with the RDS drilling station requires minimal engineering effort. The drills can be quickly changed to create different hole geometries.

Clamping fixtures can be prepared outside the system and used for other products with minimal effort.

Flexibility in drilling

In the drilling station, the part is drilled simultaneously from above and below. It is possible to create one or two holes in the part.

Additionally, a slotted hole can be produced through three adjacent holes.

A swivel axis further allows drilling holes at an angle ranging from -45° to 45°.

Enhancing quality through borehole inspection and part measurement

An integrated inspection module creates relief images of the borehole. Using transmitted light and incident light, it measures the borehole diameter and concentricity within the part. The diameter of the countersink can also be measured using incident light.

Defective parts are automatically ejected.

Flexible and precise handling with advanced gripping technology

ROBOWORKER offers a variety of single and double grippers designed to handle delicate green parts gently and precisely throughout the entire process.

Automated Drilling Stations in action How our systems work for green part drilling

  • Efficient drilling process with simultaneous drilling and loading in dual clamping units
  • Enhanced quality through additional modules for blowing, brushing, and inspection.
  • Advanced gripping technology.
  • Fully integrated concept eliminating manual handling of sinter trays

Fully Automated Drilling of Indexable Inserts With highest flexibility and precision

Loading and unloading of the drilling station

The drilling station is loaded and unloaded via a robotic automation with a highly precise robotic system. A PosFinder system on the robot arm identifies the position and orientation of the green parts on the sinter tray. The attached gripper picks up the part and places it correctly oriented into the clamping fixture for the drilling process.


The clamping fixtures are dual, allowing for simultaneous loading/unloading and drilling. Guided cylinders and hold-down devices with programmable pressure settings, along with product-specific clamping devices, ensure perfect clamping of various product types.

The drilling is carried out by two perfectly matched precision drilling spindles on a rigid axis system.

Cleaning of the drilling station

The drilling is carried out by two perfectly matched precision drilling spindles on a rigid axis system.


The system is controlled via an intuitively operable touchscreen and a mobile handheld device for teach-in operations. Once set up, product configurations are saved and can be recalled easily.

Interior Drilling Station RDS
Project Manager at Drilling Station RDS
“In our drilling systems, we have placed special emphasis on ergonomic tool changes. Drill bits and clamping units can be easily exchanged when switching products.”
– Oliver Hugger, Project Manager Green Part Machining at ROBOWORKER

Enhancing Quality Through Brushing, Blowing off, and Inspection For perfect green parts

ROBOWORKER equips its drilling systems with various additional modules to enhance the quality of green parts. Modules for blowing off come in different configurations, while brushing modules range from rotating brushes to advanced brushing units.

Utilizing ROBOWORKER's measurement and inspection technology, our experts have integrated a measurement and inspection module into the drilling station.

High-resolution cameras, sophisticated lighting systems, and ROBOWORKER image processing software inspect the exact position of the borehole and detect any offsets during drilling from both top and bottom views. Defective parts are sorted out using an ejection mechanism.

Grippers - Versatile Functions and Combination Options High-quality accessories for optimal part handling

ROBOWORKER's range of grippers includes motor-driven single and double grippers available in:

  • Vacuum/suction gripper
  • Hole grippers
  • Parallel grippers

Additional functions such as rotation, turning or tilting enhance the versatility and efficiency of our products. Combined with our proven and continuously developed in-house software, this achieves maximum flexibility.

With our expertise, our experienced team selects the right grippers for your products and can even design them entirely anew if needed. This approach is part of our full-service commitment.

Interior drilling station
Drilling Station RDS with magazine trolley
RDS Magazine Solutions
Automated Drilling Station RDS with double conveyor belt system
RDS with double conveyor belt systems

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