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Quality meets cutting-edge technology ROBOWORKER has been delivering cutting-edge technologies worldwide for 35 years.

ROBOWORKER is a family-run mechanical engineering company based in Weingarten, Lake Constance region. For 35 years, we have been developing and producing high-quality and original solutions in the fields of production and testing technology. Our focus is on inventiveness, curiosity, and an unrelenting passion for technology. Our innovative and durable systems set new standards in modern production and processing.

Driving process technologies and productivity forward Processing and testing solutions made in Germany

Innovation & expertise for production systems
Seit über dreißig Jahren steht ROBOWORKER für Innovation und Expertise in der Entwicklung sowie Herstellung von Roboterautomationen, Bearbeitungsanlagen und Prüftechnink. Ein kreatives Team, das unterschiedliche Fachgebiete miteinander vereint, arbeitet interdisziplinär an den besten Lösungen – für heute und morgen.

Using powerful hardware and software, we produce flexible, modular high-tech machines for the entire manufacturing process of the parts, including quality control. This involves equipment technology, press technology, robotics, sensors, and image processing.

In these product categories, the family-owned company consistently drives innovation while remaining both down-to-earth and global in its operations:

ROBOWORKER is located in the basement of the GWZ company building.
Teamwork at ROBOWORKER

Components Linear axes & additively manufactured production tools

Our top components are available and ready to use
In our own 3D printing center, we also manufacture production tools for our customers and components for ROBOWORKER systems.

Management ROBOWORKER: a family-owned company

Founder Michael Giray has been leading ROBOWORKER for 35 years.

Gründer und Geschäftsführer Michael Giray
Dipl.-Ing (FH) Michael Giray
Founder and Managing Director

The evolution of ROBOWORKER From special-purpose machinery to manufacturing high-tech production systems

In its 35-year history, ROBOWORKER has evolved from a special-purpose machine builder to a manufacturer of standardized high-tech production facilities. Discover the milestones in ROBOWORKER's technological development

  • 2024

    35 years of ROBOWORKER

  • 2021

    Compact Re-palletizing machine RPS-Compact

  • 2018

    Modular expansion of PAG automation systems beyond pure press removal

  • 2015

    Automated Drilling Station (RDS) for green parts

  • 2011

    Inspection machine with packaging functions

  • 2009

    All-round inspection station RoboInspect RIS

  • 2004

    High-performance packaging line for cutting inserts

  • 2001

    Automation systems for grinding machines and further machining systems

  • 1999

    Entry into automation business for cutting inserts

  • 1995

    PAG 20 automation system for powder presses

  • 1989

    Founded as robot system integrator

  • 2022

    Start of production of the RP powder presses and the RPC powder press cells

    Opening of the ROBOWORKER 3D Printing Center


  • 2019

    30 years of ROBOWORKER

  • 2016

    Standardized automation and inspection systems with generation 3 technology (e.g. entry into 64-bit technology, industry 4.0 capable systems)

  • 2014

    Powder press automation system RHA with high-efficiency mode

  • 2010

    Powder press automation system PAG 30 ND for electric presses

  • 2005-2007

    Standardized powder press automation systems PAG and RAG with generation 2 technology for mechanical and hydraulic presses

  • 2003

    Loading/unloading machines for coating carriers

  • 2000

    RAG 2000 automation system for powder presses

  • 1998

    Production start of customized inspection systems

  • 1991

    Production start of powder press automation with its own linear robots