Universal Repalletizing Machines RPS For fast palletizing onto a variety of carrier systems

The universal palletizing machines RPS are perfectly suited for palletizing in the field of indexable inserts. Automatic palletization can be extremely flexible in this regard. For instance, it can palletize from sinter trays to production pallets or from production pallets to masks used in grinding machines, and then back to production pallets after grinding.

For the universal palletizing systems RPS, it doesn't matter whether the parts are nested or unsorted on a workpiece carrier. The integrated PosFinder system reliably detects the position and orientation of the parts.

Our models:

Measuring in repalletizing machine, hardware and HMI

Process Assurance With advanced measuring and inspection

With the latest software technologies and image processing systems , dimensional accuracy of the parts can be measured and inspected in the universal palletizing systems RPS. Sampling can also be processed.

This ensures quality control during the process.

These features can, for example, be measured:

  • Standard inspection features such as lengths, radii, angles, etc.
  • as well as specific inspection features for indexable inserts like M-dimension, inscribed circle, circumscribed circle,
  • and custom-defined heights.
Re-palletizing into blisters with precision robot

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Compact repalletizing machine RPS-Compact

Re-palletizing Machines RPS Compact High flexibility with the new footprint-optimized compact version

The basic system consists of proven modules for handling workpiece carriers and parts, which can be flexibly combined. Depending on the requirements of the system, conveyor belts, magazine systems, or stacker systems are used.

The almost teach-free system can be set up and made operational in a very short time, ready for new products.

  • Portal robots with combination grippers for flexible handling of workpiece carriers.
  • Precision robot system with integrated interfaces for gripper exchange and position detection system.
  • Universal gripper set for various products.
  • Gripper station for automatic gripper exchange.
  • Automatic change-over to the next order and part type.

Expandable with additional stations.

Available as stand-alone or inline version.

Universal RPS For high production volumes

The larger universal palletizing machines feature two portal robots with large workpiece carrier storage capacity to achieve high autonomy times.

  • Two integrated portal robots for automatic loading and unloading of the machine
  • Two high-precision 4-axis robot systems for palletizing with integrated interfaces for gripper exchange and position recognition system.
  • Automatic change positions for workpiece carriers.
  • PosFinder system with high-resolution camera for all types of position recognition
  • Gripper station for automatic gripper exchange.
  • Automatic change-over to the next order and part type.

Expandable with additional stations, such as for sampling or an inspection station.

Repalletizing machine

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