Powder Presses RP Highest precision with the ejection principle

ROBOWORKER's axial powder presses RP are servo-electrically driven and operate on the ejection principle. This method is particularly suitable for pressing precise and complex geometries. The positional and geometric accuracy is higher, compared to the withdrawal principle. This is because only one movable tool element moves against the die. This results in excellently formed cutting edges.

The RP Powder Presses also excel in:
  • A highly precise and rigid guiding system
  • A unique frame design
  • An optimal arrangement of drive, guidance, and measurement systems.

The powder presses can accommodate all common reference clamping systems.

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Industry-leading Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Achieved by minimizing non-productive times

The Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) is decisive for evaluating a machine. Crucial not only to achieve high stroke rates but also to minimize non-productive times.

The ROBOWORKER powder press automates numerous process steps in programming, setup, and process monitoring. Furthermore, the system continuously optimizes itself, reducing setup times and scrap in green parts. This saves you time and money!

Further advantages of the ROBOWORKER RP Powder Presses

The ROBOWORKER RP powder press offer a multitude of benefits. Here are the key ones. Contact us, and we will gladly provide you with detailed information down to the smallest detail.

Product quality and process stability

A precise monitoring of the sintered dimensions allows achieving tolerance class G for specific products directly during pressing. Additional grinding operations are not necessary.

Advanced algorithms at the highest mathematical level elevate the constructive collaboration between mechanics and electronics to an unprecedented level.

Complete traceability

The innovative process control of the powder press captures every single part.

Together with image processing technology, it enables tracking complete production data for each pressed part. Even after the sintering process! This capability is unique in the industry thus far.

Optimal communication

ROBOWORKER's robotic automation and powder press communicate at the highest level. They utilize a single control interface for the powder compacting cell.

This enables complete integration of all process programming aspects and optimal synchronization of all simultaneously moving axes. The result is high productivity.

Industry 4.0 capable

ROBOWORKER offers intelligent factory solutions for controlling and managing all relevant process steps, directly integrated with the customer's production planning system.

Our powder press is the only one on the market that can process CAD data. This makes parameter input much simpler and more standardized. Moreover, the system can transmit process data live to the customer's MES system via standardized interfaces.

Hybrid filling shoes for powder presses

Innovative Filling Shoe Technology High quality because of optimal powder flow characteristics

ROBOWORKER has developed a specialized filling shoe technology for the RP powder press.

The design, material, and functionality ensure optimal density distribution in the compact and minimal distortion during the sintering process.

Impressions of the ROBOWORKER RP Powder Press Discover the new era of powder compacting technology!

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Questions & Answers If you do not see your question here, please feel free to contact us.

How does a powder press work?

From a powder reservoir, powder is filled into the die via a filling shoe. The upper and lower punch axes, along with the core rod, are servo electric. They accurately follow a curve to compress the powder. The lower punch subsequently ejects and removes the compact.

In the video, you can see our powder press in action: View video.

How does the ejection principle work?

In the ejection principle, the stationary die is filled with powder. The upper and lower punches exert equal pressing force to control powder quantity, pressing process, density distribution, etc.

The synchronized movement of both punches ejects the compacted part from the die.

Is it possible to purchase a powder press without automation system?

ROBOWORKER powder presses are available even without automation. However, a compacting cell with powder press and automation technology, adds value to your company. Using our expertise in robotic automations, we provide customized solutions for small and large production volumes.

To robotic automations

Which are the advantages of the ejection principle compared to the withdrawal principle?

In the ejection principle, the lower punch is servomotor driven and not fixed (withdrawal system). This allows for enhanced capabilities in powder filling and pressing processes, such as optimizing density distribution. The upper punch can approach the upper edges of the stationary die with unparalleled precision. This results, for example, in excellent edge quality with minimized burr formation during pressing.

Is a ROBOWORKER RP only suitable for the carbide industry?

You can use a ROBOWORKER RP across all areas of powder compaction.

The powder compacting press can compact all types of metal powders, such as carbide and iron powders. Furthermore, it can also compact ceramic powders and a wide range of special materials.

The available nominal pressing forces of the powder press range from 120 kN to 300 kN. Even at lower pressing forces starting from 50 N, the ROBOWORKER powder press demonstrates its strengths to the fullest.

What are the advantages of electric powder presses compared to hydraulic presses and mechanic presses?

Servo-electric powder presses are fast, energy-efficient, and enable challenging pressing processes. This is because of highly precise force and position curves, coupled with minimal reaction times.

These presses offer a significantly expanded range of functionalities for the pressing process. Particularly with pressing forces up to 120 kN, electric powder presses can leverage all advantages optimally. This range is critical for producing compacts that meet the highest demands.

What is the difference between a powder compacting cell and a powder press?

A compacting cell comprises a powder press and a robotic automation. In the compacting cell, a robot with grippers removes the compacts after pressing. In designated modules, the compacts undergo deburring, weighing, optical inspection, and dimensional measurement. Subsequently, the grippers gently place them on a sintering tray in the desired orientation and position. The robotic automation handles the sintering trays using magazines, transport trolleys, conveyor systems, etc.

For further information concerning the compacting cell RPC, please click here.

For further information concerning the robotic automation for powder presses, please click here.

Our experts explain the advantages of the RPC powder compacting cell in this video.