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INSPECTION AND PACKAGING MACHINES Automated processes for handling test pieces

ROBOWORKER develops and manufactures machines for inspecting and packaging, optionally with integrated laser marking. They are perfect for indexable inserts, round tools, other sintered parts, and workpieces made from various materials, suitable for different industries.

Inspection process

The test pieces are processed fully automatically in the machines for inspecting, laser marking, and packaging.

Depending on the requirements, both 100% AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) andinterval inspection of the workpieces are possible.

With the standard inspection window, small parts up to a size of 30 x 40 mm can be completely inspected. It is also possible to measure and inspect specific quality-relevant areas of larger workpieces.

Laser marking

Optionally, all machine types can be combined with laser marking from above and/or from the side.

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The New Basic Models

With the new RIS 30 series and the RPL Base Line, we are expanding our portfolio with cost-effective concepts. These can be used in a versatile manner for automatic quality control and packaging of workpieces.

Discover our new basic concepts:

Base models for inspection and packaging

Efficiency improvement in quality control Through comprehensive inspection of all orders

Automatically and quickly inspect all orders in your production. Reduce the costly manual inspection to only a few special products.

This way, you enhance productivity in final processing!

Discover the benefits at a glance


Documented measurements and storage of inspection images enable 100% traceability.

Use this for internal quality control as well as customer documentation and validation.

Higher quality

All systems for measuring, testing, and packaging provide repeatable and objective defect detection.

This sets them apart from manual inspection, which is not always consistent.

Elimination of error risks

Every manual process step carries risks of errors. Avoid mixed-up workpieces in the final packaging, incompletely filled boxes, incorrect labels, missing processing steps, and defects on the workpieces!

Automate inspection and packaging!

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with defect-free delivered products! Achieve this through automated quality control and packaging.

RoboInspect RIS 300 Inspection Machine, base system

Inspection Machines RoboInspect RIS For indexable inserts and other small high-precision parts

The inspection systems can be used in various industries. They are suitable for metalworking, the automotive sector, battery technology, medical technology and others.

In addition to the basic models of the RIS 30 series, ROBOWORKER offers the RIS 300 series for comprehensive, AI-based, all-round inspection.

Packaging Lines with Inspection Functions RPL For high throughput

The RPL packaging lines impress with their high throughput in packaging standard workpieces.

The workpieces can be inspected from both the top and bottom .

High-Performance Packaging Line RPL
Axial grippers portfolio ROBOWORKER

Wide Range of Grippers for All Types of Components For all types of components

ROBOWORKER offers a wide range of grippers with sophisticated gripping technology. Specific gripper configurations are stored in the product parameters via the touch screen and automatically loaded later. The desired gripper is simply docked at the gripper interface.

For automatic gripper exchange, ROBOWORKER provides a gripper station where the robot picks up the appropriate gripper. When changing the product, it automatically retrieves the stored gripper and returns the previously used one.

Our standard gripper range
  • Magnetic grippers with rotary function
  • Vacuum/suction gripper
  • 2- and 3-jaw hole grippers

All gripper types are available in different versions.

Additionally, ROBOWORKER offers servo grippers with rotation and tilting functions. They are available as magnetic grippers, vacuum/suction grippers, and 2-jaw hole grippers.

With their expertise, our experienced team selects the right grippers for your products.

Intuitive HMI For easy operation of the systems

The systems are operated via touch screen through a graphical user interface. This interface supports the learning of new part types with clear and intuitively understandable dialog fields. Additionally, it assists in selecting already learned part types through the product management. Parameterization of the statistics and logging functions is also handled through this interface.

Storing all generated images as well as inspection and measurement values enables 100% traceability of errors. The data is stored on the system but can also be transferred to a customer server, for example, via an Ethernet interface.

product dialog in HMI
background automatic loading
RoboInspect RIS 300 Inspection Machine, base system
Inspection Machines RoboInspect RIS
High-Performance Packaging Line RPL
Packaging Lines with Inspection Functions RPL

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