Robotic Automations Maximizing productivity, precision, and flexibility in production

For over three decades, ROBOWORKER has been developing and manufacturing versatile robotic automations for powder presses and other machining solutions. The robotic system retrieves the pressed parts from the press and then places them on sinter trays using specialized gripping systems.

Our systems enhance the quality and efficiency of machining solutions with innovative ideas and technologies. Thus, setting new standards in automated parts handling.

Handling systems for all types of powder presses

ROBOWORKER powder press and the robotic automation for powder presses form a pressing cell that meets the highest demands.

These types of automation are not only compatible with our own powder presses. They can also automate powder presses from other manufacturers. They are suitable for both uniaxial and multiaxial presses and can handle pressing forces of over 200 tons.

Continuous advancements in our parts handling ensure that they meet the high demands of our customers.

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High-Precision Robotic Solutions With maximum dynamics and vibration minimization

The high-performance robot in the system excels with extensive travel paths. This feature generates even larger loading areas for the pressed parts and increases productivity and efficiency.

The robot arm can dock on all ROBOWORKER grippers via a universal gripper interface. The grippers have motorized functions such as rotating, turning, or tilting, creating additional axes that synchronize with the robot system's movements.

The most important advantages of the robotic automations

Increased productivity through fast communication

The press and automation in the ROBOWORKER RPC press cell perfectly synchronize. The robot-based parts handling is highly automatically programmed, reducing human errors in programming.

Additionally, the handling systems feature efficient interfaces to powder presses from other manufacturers.

Enhanced quality through add-ons

Many functions improve product quality, including brushing, blowing, weighing, measuring, and inspecting.

These functions reduce the manufacturing effort in subsequent processes. The brushing module and image processing modules rely on proven ROBOWORKER technology from brushing and inspection systems.

Maximum flexibility and safety in gripping

ROBOWORKER offers a wide range of grippers for adequate and gentle handling of sensitive pressed parts.

We provide the right solution for all pick-up, transfer, and placement positions. This enables us to handle each customer’s parts appropriately.

Improved productivity through intelligent palletizing

The placing patterns for sinter trays are designed for optimal furnace loading. They are automatically generated and freely programmable.

This increases productivity and reduces the energy costs per part in the sintering process.

Enhanced efficiency through modern HMI

The touchscreen with modern HMI allows for easy operation, quick navigation, and starting of stored products without programming knowledge.

This significantly reduces setup times.

Industry 4.0 capable

ROBOWORKER machines and systems have the latest IoT interface.

For example, via OPC UA, they can be easily connected to customers' ERP and MES systems.

Automation Systems in Action This is how ROBOWORKER robotic automations operate

  • User-friendly menu navigation and setup processes.
  • Quality assurance through blowing, brushing, weighing, and optical inspection.
  • Impressive and versatile tray handling for every requirement.
  • Integrated linking of subsequent processes in the press shop through standardized transport equipment.

Flexible tray handlings Numerous variants and solutions for every requirement

ROBOWORKER tray handling systems can process all types of sinter trays, whether they are:

  • Round/square, with/without edge
  • Flat/with grooves, islands, etc.
  • Made of graphite, ceramic, metal mesh, and other materials
  • Coated/uncoated
  • With marking points, ID codes, and more.
Automation technology with image processing

Our image processing technology supports our automation technology. This allows for processing the most complex part shapes and corresponding sinter trays with grooves, islands, and more.

We achieve the required high <strongabsolute accuracy in placement through precise robotic solutions that have been tested hundreds of times.

Our standard tray handling systems
  • Magazine solutions
  • Double conveyor belt systems
  • Double slide systems

Grippers with multiple functions High-quality accessories enhancing our products' performance

The ROBOWORKER range of grippers includes motor-driven single, double, and multiple grippers available as:

  • Vacuum/suction gripper
  • Hole grippers
  • Parallel grippers
Expertise in software development and design

Additional functions such as rotating, turning, or tilting further enhance the diversity and improve the efficiency of our products.

We continuously develop our proven gripper software in-house at ROBOWORKER, ensuring maximum flexibility. From gripping to placing on the tray, including all intermediate steps.

With their expertise, our experienced team selects the right grippers for your products. If necessary, they design them entirely from scratch. This is part of our full-service approach.

Grippers and Gripper Accessories An overview of our range of single, double, and multiple grippers

Punch Cleaners: Separate or Attached to the Gripper With ROBOWORKER Software for optimal cleaning results

ROBOWORKER punch cleaners brush and blow off powder residues on the pressing punch.

The ROBOWORKER cleaning program module allows to implement product-specific cleaning programs and parameterize them via the software interface. You can create a cleaning program automatically or manually.

Punch cleaners for multiaxial press systems

In the past, workers needed to clean only an upper and a lower punch. However, with the development of multiaxial press systems, multiple punches now require cleaning. ROBOWORKER has developed multi-punch cleaning, where each punch can be cleaned individually and at various intervals.

ROBOWORKER offers different brushes for the cleaning processes to suit specific needs.

Automatic cleaning of upper and lower punches in the powder press

Enhancing Quality With Add-ons Brushing, blowing off, weighing, measuring, and inspecting

ROBOWORKER equips its robotic automations with various additional modules to enhance the quality of green parts and reduce the manufacturing effort in subsequent processes.


The newly developed The newly developed programmable brushing module (RBM) ensures a perfectly brushed underside of the green part. It relies on proven ROBOWORKER technology used in brushing systems. Additional brushing options for lateral brushing are also available.

Blowing off

Modules for blowing off green parts are available in various designs. These modules efficiently remove adhering burrs and powder residues from the parts.


To control the weight of the green part, ROBOWORKER integrates up to two precision weighing cells into the systems. The ROBOWORKER software allows for different types of weighing. You can weigh either each part or parts at individually defined intervals.

Measuring and inspecting

Based on ROBOWORKER’s measurement and inspection technology, our experts have integrated a measurement and inspection module into the automation systems. High-resolution cameras, sophisticated lighting systems, and ROBOWORKER image processing software measure and inspect the geometry and surface of the green part using transmitted and reflected light. A rejection mechanism sorts out defective parts.

Commissioner at robot
Robotic automation PAG 80 Magazine Solutions
Robotic Automations PAG
Robotic automation RHA Magazine System
Robotic Automations RHA

Questions & Answers If you do not see your question here, please feel free to contact us.

Which is the most flexible press automation from ROBOWORKER?

In a personal consultation, our sales team will discuss your requirements and recommend the optimal system for your production. If you want to automate further process steps in the press shop, such as brushing or drilling of green parts, the PAG 80 is certainly the best solution, as you can also equip brushing and drilling units with the removable magazine trolley.

Are there systems available for lower autonomy and acquisition cost requirements?

Certainly. ROBOWORKER offers both high-end solutions and very affordable options for lower requirements. Thus, the use of robotic automation can also be worthwhile for applications that were previously considered unprofitable.

Contact us – we look forward to challenges! We will find the right solution for your process, and at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Is it possible to connect a new ROBOWORKER automation system to an existing press in my production?

This is possible. We offer retrofitting of existing powder presses from other manufacturers with automation. Our handling systems are designed to be compatible with every common type of powder press.

Later, this can be transformed into a ROBOWORKER press cell with a ROBOWORKER press. Our equipment, designed for long life, is ready for a second life.

Does a ROBOWORKER automation system only work with ROBOWORKER presses?

ROBOWORKER robotic automations are also suitable for presses from all common manufacturers and are equipped with the appropriate interfaces.

What are the benefits of ROBOWORKER grippers for me?

The grippers are equipped with a universal interface. They can also be used in other ROBOWORKER systems by simple docking and undocking.

This means you only need to purchase a specialized gripper once, but you can use it across your entire facility. Typically, one or two grippers can cover the majority of your product portfolio.

Are additional applications possible with ROBOWORKER robotic automations?

The automation systems are generally suitable for various applications. For example, enhanced with the ROBOWORKER Posfinder, it's possible to automatically load and unload calibration presses.

ROBOWORKER drilling systems are also automated with theses handling solutions.

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