Palletizing, charging, and discharging For high demands

Many precision parts need to be palletized during their manufacturing process into different workpiece carriers.

For all tasks related to palletizing, charging, and discharging, ROBOWORKER has developed intelligent systems with high flexibility. They are capable of processing various products, handling workpiece carriers and parts using flexible tray grippers and precise robotic systems.

More than just repalletizing

Optionally, the machines feature inspection functions. Defective parts are automatically ejected. Samples can be taken automatically for metallurgical examinations of the parts.

Simple operation is facilitated via a 19" touchscreen with modern HMI. All systems are equipped with state-of-the-art IoT interfaces, allowing easy integration with customers' ERP and MES systems using OPC UA, for example.

The machines can be interconnected with other equipment to create an integrated production line.

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Higher Efficiency through Automatic repalletizing Of various product types and sizes

By automating palletizing, you increase your production capacity and manufacture more products in less time.

This enhances your competitiveness and profitability.

Additional advantages of the systems

High productivity

ROBOWORKER robotic systems RL10 are not only fast and precise but also accommodate all ROBOWORKER grippers through a universal interface.

This enables processing a wide range of products on a single system.

Maximum flexibility in processing

The palletizing, charging, and discharging systems are suitable for a variety of workpiece carriers, including sinter trays, pallets, masks, blisters, and more. The size and shape of the workpiece carriers can vary.

Cost savings through short setup times

The systems can be quickly reconfigured for different products due to the flexibility in the gripper interface.

Moreover, the systems feature automatic change-over to the next order and part type.

Process assurance through atate-of-the-art image processing systems

ROBOWORKER employs advanced image processing systems for the pick-up process and optional part inspection.

This enhances process assurance.

Traceability through Data Matrix codes and RFID chips

Reading Data Matrix codes and RFID chips can be integrated, enabling identification of workpiece carriers and transfer of product data during the production process.

This helps further reduce downtime and improve traceability.

Short payback periods, high investment security

The palletizing, charging, and discharging systems offer short payback periods and high investment security.

Repalletizing all Types of Workpieces Automatically and quickly

Our state-of-the-art palletizers excel in palletizing, charging, and discharging tasks. The video demonstrates fast and precise palletizing of sinter trays onto workpiece carriers, blisters, masks, or packaging boxes.

Flexible Gripping Systems For workpiece carriers and parts handling

Flexible tray grippers position the workpiece carriers into the loading stations.

Precise robot systems grip the parts from one workpiece carrier or conveyor belt and palletize them in the correct position and orientation into another workpiece carrier.

These grippers are equipped with additional functions such as rotation or tilting for highly precise part handling. ROBOWORKER also offers servo-driven grippers for enhanced control.

Even after the installation of the system, additional gripper functions can be easily retrofitted. For example, if there is a change in the product range to be processed on the system, additional gripper functions may be beneficial.

Re-palletizing into blisters with precision robot
Repalletizing Machine RPS
Universal Repalletizing Machines RPS
Repalletizing machine RPS-CVD Compact for coating processes
Palletizing Machines for Coating Processes RPS-CVD

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