Packaging Machines RPL Special machines for increased efficiency in the packaging of cutting inserts

With RPL packaging machines from ROBOWORKER, you can minimize error risks in final processing that can arise from labor-intensive manual process steps.

You’re probably familiar with these issues: mixed-up indexable inserts in the final packaging, partially filled boxes, incorrect labels, missing processing steps, defects on the parts!

These special packaging machines from ROBOWORKER help you eliminate these causes of customer complaints!

These fully automatic multifunction machines integrate inspection, laser marking-, packaging and labeling functions, ensuring optimal efficiency and consistent product quality. They process entire stacks of all types of trays, making them ideal for handling ISO indexable inserts that require high throughput. The stacks can consist of one or more orders.

Success since 2004 with RPL Packaging Machines

ROBOWORKER delivered its first packaging machine with inspection functions, automatic lidding, and labeling in 2004 . All delivered machines are still in operation today.

Our models

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Our High-Performance RPL Packaging Machine in Action High throughput with integrated inspection

In the video, we show you how entire tray stacks are processed in the high-performance RPL packaging machine. From feeding to inspection, laser marking, packaging into final packaging boxes, lidding, labeling, and stacking into cartons.

Measuring and Testing in the RPL Dimensional accuracy and surfaces

In the RPL, dimensional accuracy and surfaces are measured and inspected from above. If the bottomside also needs to be inspected, ROBOWORKER integrates a turning station.

Defective parts are automatically sorted out.

All measurement and inspection results are stored in common formats for databases and images for 100% traceability . These data are saved on the machine but can also be transferred to a customer server via an Ethernet interface, for example.

Inspecting in the high-performance packaging line RPL
laser marking in the high-performance packaging line RPL

Laser Marking in the RPL With high-performance laser systems

ROBOWORKER optionally integrates high-performance laser systems into its inspection and packaging machines. Depending on the system type, up to two parts can be marked simultaneously. 

The marking can be done from above and/or from the side.

Flexible and Safe Labeling Label printer and pabel inspection

Label printer

ROBOWORKER integrates a high-performance label printer as a standard feature in the packaging systems, which is connected to the customer's network. Printing specifications are sent to the system from there.

The label is applied according to customer specifications.

The RPL systems are highly flexible regarding indexable inserts, boxes, and labels to be processed. Therefore, the system can be reconfigured to a new design with minimal effort and downtime.

Label inspection

The camera-based label inspection checks whether a label is present and whether it has been applied within the specified tolerances.

During the learning process, the first box is checked by the operator. If the label is correctly applied, no further steps are necessary. The camera independently identifies both the box and the label.

De-magnetization and packaging into cartos in the high-performance packaging line RPL

Demagnetizing and Stacking The perfect finish


After labeling the packaging box, any residual magnetism is removed. This is undesirable in carbide cutting tools, as particles or chips can adhere and negatively impact the manufacturing process.

Stacking the packaging boxes

The finished packaging boxes are then directly stacked into cartons , preparing them for intermediate storage at the customer's site. The flexibly adjustable holders are designed for different carton sizes .


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Packaging machine RPL Base Line

Packaging with the RPL Base Line Fully automatic and easy to operate

The design is ideal for medium and large batch sizes. It fully automatically packages 1,200 parts per hour with the simplest operation!

The highly efficient end packaging system is suitable for most ISO geometries.

A PosFinder system automatically detects the position and orientation of the indexable inserts for perfect part pickup.

RPL Base Line
  • High-precision 4-axis robot for repalletizing with an automatic gripper exchange system
  • Robot for box handling
  • Magazine for box and lid storage
  • Lidding, labeling, demagnetizing, and stacking station
  • Intuitively operated 19” touchscreen

The basic system is expandable with measurement stations for securely sorting out mixed types and faulty parts, a laser marking station, and a second box/lid magazine for even longer autonomy times.

Additional box/lid magazines for different box sizes can also be ordered.

High-Performance Packaging Machine RPL Inspecting, laser marking, and packaging

The high-performance packaging machine RPL is designed for large batch sizes. It inspects and packages 2,400 parts per hour.

Indexable inserts can be fed to the system in all types of trays, including unordered ones. The position and orientation of the indexable inserts are automatically recognized by a PosFinder system.

Base System: High-Performance Packaging Machine RPL
  • High-precision 4-axis robot for repalletizing with an automatic gripper exchange system
  • 3-axis robot for tray and box handling
  • Magazines for box and lid storage
  • Lidding and labeling station with label position verification
  • Demagnetizing and stacking station (into cartons, boxes, etc.)
  • Intuitively operated 19” touchscreen

The base system can be expanded with measurement and inspection stations, turning stations, laser marking stations, and a full box inspection station.

High-Performance Packaging Line RPL

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