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ROBOWORKER Machine Software The core of our production and inspection machines

The core of ROBOWORKER systems is their powerful, proven software with a wide range of functionalities and interfaces, offering customers maximum flexibility in the production of their products.

Our in-house-developed software adapts to your needs

ROBOWORKER employs its own developers in the fields of control technology, HMI, and image processing, who work hand in hand to create a platform and modules that can be flexibly used in different types of systems and adapted to customer needs.

The ROBOWORKER PLC control system with NC and CNC functionalities, as well as a self-developed configurable HMI software with integrated image processing, enables easy and convenient operation of the systems and guarantees high service and maintenance friendliness.

Industry 4.0

The development of intelligent systems has long been a priority at ROBOWORKER. In the age of Industry 4.0, the systems can communicate with each other and with a customer-side control system. As a manufacturer of future-proof systems, we also focus on intelligent service. Many of our systems automatically remind users of maintenance and repair needs.

Should quick support from ROBOWORKER technicians be required, they can access the system at any time upon customer approval and provide assistance.

Software background featuring Industry 4.0

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Matthias Giray
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Control Technology Unique interface for robots

At the core of ROBOWORKER's control systems is an industrial PC running Windows 10 as its operating system, coupled with Beckhoff's automation software Twincat. This integrates real-time control with PLC, NC, and CNC functionalities. Building upon this foundation, ROBOWORKER has developed a unique and flexible interface for robots based on the IEC 61131 programming standard.

Perfectly synchronized communication

The benefits for our customers can be clearly illustrated with our compacting cells . Over the years, communication between the press and handling systems has been perfectly synchronized. By utilizing the camming function of the automation software, ROBOWORKER has not only optimized

  • Speed by parallelizing process steps
  • Precision
  • Speed
  • Gripping of the delicate parts

but has also developed a high-efficiency mode, eliminating wait times before pressing. This has further increased stroke rates and reduced energy consumption.

After more than 35 years in business, ROBOWORKER possesses a vast, proven software library offering numerous configuration options and enabling rapid response to specific customer requirements. Thanks to standardization, the latest software versions can typically be made available for older systems as well.

Control technician in a factory hall

Human Machine Interface Intuitively operable interfaces

Using Visual Studio and programming languages such as C# and C++, our developers design, conceptualize, and implement user interfaces that are simple and intuitive to operate.

High connectivity and user-friendliness

ROBOWORKER systems are typically operated via a 19" touchscreen, with axis teach-in facilitated through a mobile handheld terminal featuring a touchscreen interface. Both interfaces offer language selection and user-level access for menu functions.

In addition, our experts develop communication interfaces to higher-level controls and peripheral devices such as lasers and printers. They also program supervisory system and database connections using modern architectural systems like OPC UA and WCF.

Image Processing With transmitted and incident light technologies

ROBOWORKER integrates image processing modules into its systems for precise product capture, placement, and for measurement and inspection tasks, utilizing both transmitted and incident light technologies.

Adaptable Image Processing Modules with HALCON

For image processing tasks, ROBOWORKER utilizes HALCON, one of the world's most advanced and powerful vision libraries. Based on this, our engineers develop flexible software modules (IPM - Image Processing Modules), especially tailored for the needs of small precision parts, enabling custom adaptation of inspection programs. The IPMs use standardized interfaces to HMI, PLC, and robotic systems and include interfaces to various camera systems, ensuring the use of the latest camera technologies.

All generated images and inspection data are stored, allowing for 100% traceability of errors. The data is stored on the systems but can also be transferred to a customer server, for example, via an Ethernet interface.