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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer full-service support that addresses all needs. We provide quick, reliable, and competent assistance.

From Acceptance of Machines to Accessories – Covering Everything

We are here for you throughout the entire lifespan of your machine.

Here's an overview of our services. If you're looking for a service not listed here, simply contact us by phone or email.

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Produktions- und Serviceleiter ROBOWORKER
Herbert Hoffmann
Head of Production and After Sales Service

Machine Startup at Your Facility – The Start-Up

We are on-site for installation, commissioning, acceptance tests, and training. Naturally, we also offer production support during startup.

Our Service Team – Your Primary Contact

Our service team provides fast and uncomplicated support. Reach us by phone, email, or through our online service form. They either handle your inquiry directly or connect you with our engineers and technicians.

Fast Support via Teleservice

Take advantage of our technical teleservice provided by our competent engineers and technicians. They offer advice, conduct error diagnostics and analyses, and can intervene directly in the equipment for troubleshooting. Our team is also available via platforms like Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or similar.

Maintenance of Equipment to Keep Operations Smooth

Perform preventive maintenance on your equipment to ensure high and consistent output, detect potential wear early, avoid downtime, and better plan service work.

Fast and Worldwide Availability of Spare and Wear Parts

We ensure components in our machines are quickly available worldwide. We are also happy to assemble customized packages for your onsite stock.


Need On-site Support? Our Service Technicians Will Promptly Visit You.

Whatever support you need onsite, our service technicians provide competent and straightforward assistance.

Increase Productivity through On-Site, In-House, or Online Training

We support your staff during operations with tailored training for operators, maintenance personnel, and setters, adjusted to your specific requirements.

Retrofitting, Overhaul, Modifications, Relocations – We Have a Solution for You!

Our machines are designed to support your production for many years. We offer retrofitting, overhauls, and modifications for different applications to bring your equipment up to the latest technological standards. Need to relocate a machine to another facility? Contact us for assistance.

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When And How Can You Reach Us?

Our business hours are:

Monday - Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

+49 751 50920-27


Error Message on Your Equipment?

We aim to support you quickly and efficiently. Please fill out the online service form and submit it to us. This will allow our service team to prepare our teleservice colleagues effectively for your inquiry, ensuring prompt assistance.

Premium Support With Teleservice Packages

Our PREMIUM SUPPORT is available to all our customers and includes the teleservice packages S, M, and L. Choose the package that best suits your company.

Key features of each package include:

  • Teleservice support for questions and assistance with all ROBOWORKER systems on-site after the warranty period.

  • Support via TeamViewer, Microsoft Teams (or similar platforms), or phone.

  • ROBOWORKER provides a report after each service session, ensuring transparency of our interventions.

  • Billing is done in 15-minute increments.

Please note, training, maintenance, updates, and on-site online support from ROBOWORKER staff are not covered by this package and should be ordered separately.


Prepaid S

Teleservice Package S

With this package, you receive 15 hours of support plus an additional 30 minutes of assistance free of charge.

Prepaid M

Teleservice Package M

With this package, you receive 25 hours of support plus an additional 1 hour of assistance free of charge.

Prepaid L

Teleservice Package L

With this package, you receive 50 hours of support plus an additional 3 hours of assistance free of charge.

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ROBOWORKER Webshop: Even More Affordable

We have established a webshop for our customers in the field of powder presses and automation systems for powder presses, which will be expanded to other areas in the future.

Here, you will find not only accessories, spare parts, and consumables but also optional functionalities beyond the standard scope of the equipment or online training offerings.

Take advantage of our monthly offers at even more favorable conditions!

Support for ROBOWORKER Systems in Operation How we can assist you promptly

Here, you'll find how to reach us, what we do, and how you can help expedite your inquiries for swift resolution.

Here are the ways to contact us:
  • Phone: +49 751 50920-27

  • via Email: service@roboworker.de

  • Contact Button: Located on the right side of the screen

  • Online Service Form: Available for assistance with all aspects of your system

Which information would be helpful for us in advance?
  • Details about the machine

  • Description of the problem

  • Possibly, provide access to the tele-service connection

What happens after contacting us?

Our service team will create a ticket and respond via email. This typically occurs within 1-2 hours during our business hours. If necessary, this email may request additional information.

All information has been provided and the teleservice connection has been established

You receive assistance from the ROBOWORKER technical team via phone, email, or online analysis.

Secure Your Teleservice Package Inquire now and additionally benefit from free support!


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