Measurement and Inspection Functions In RPL Packaging Machines

Below, we provide a brief general overview of the measurement and inspection functions in RPL packaging machines.

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Examples for measuring dimensional accuracy in the RPL

Measurement of Dimensional Accuracy

Measurements on the workpiece (from above/side) are individually determined via a toolbox (M-Box) integrated into the RPL.

Standard measurements
  • Lengths
  • Widths
  • Roll pin
  • Radii
  • Angles
  • Inscribed circle
  • Circumscribed circle
  • Form check

Individual complex measurements are possible by combining and calculating various geometric elements.

Surface Inspection (Relief)

Detection of
  • Local edge chippings along the outer contour
  • Local surface defects (e.g., chipping, adherences, cracks)
  • Positional deviations of chip breakers (symmetry inspection)
  • Type recognition (identical outer contour but different chip breakers)
Examples for surface inspection in the RPL
Beispiele für die Farbprüfung in den RPL

Surface Inspection (Color)

Detection of
  • Global color deviation of the entire part
  • Color gradients
  • Local coating defects on the surface (e.g., spots, discolorations, chippings)
  • Local coating defects in the edge area

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