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for delicate and highly precise workpieces

Self-supporting additive technologies such as selective laser sintering (SLS) enable the production of mechanically resilient plastic components. With the SLS process, we manufacture high-performance plastic carriers precisely tailored to the workpiece requirements of our customers. With our years of experience in manufacturing machines and systems, we know exactly which factors need to be considered when designing the optimal 3D printed workpiece carrier.
We offer comprehensive services from design, prototyping, to small-batch production.


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Johannes Sonntag
Design/3D printing

+49 751 50920-36


Plastic workpiece carriers - Durable, functional, and sustainable

The additively manufactured workpiece carriers are particularly robust and durable. They are suitable for the storage and transportation of precise and delicate small parts. The advantages of additive manufacturing of plastic workpiece carriers speak for themselves:

Icon for customer and product-specific sizes and shapes for 3D-printed workpiece trays

Variable tray sizes and shapes

We manufacture trays in various sizes and shapes, from round to square.

Icon for traceability of parts through integrated RFID or data matrix codes


Upon request, Data Matrix codes or RFID chips can be integrated into the workpiece carriers for traceability.

Icon for workpiece-compatible design of the inner part of plastic workpiece trays made with 3D printing

Custom Interior Design

Depending on the workpiece, the interior components may include compartments, ridges, pins, holes, grooves, etc.


Icon for more sustainability through resource-efficient material use


We use biocompatible powder and return used powder to the cycle wherever possible.


Icon for positioning accuracy of workpieces on trays

Perfect Positioning Accuracy

Highest precision in positioning workpieces through suitable positioning elements (pins, etc.) and workpiece-specific manufacturing.

Icon for specialized knowledge in the engineering, technical understanding, problem solving, design and innovation and project management

ROBOWORKER engineering expertise

Our experienced team develops innovative solutions for complex challenges.


The optimal plastic carrier for your workpiece

Are you looking for an optimal plastic carrier for your workpiece? Our experienced design team knows what matters when it comes to Additive Manufacturing (AM) of workpiece carriers.
Send us your inquiry!

If needed, our team is available for designing the carrier based on component data and specific customer requirements.

Your expert for AM:

Johannes Sonntag
Design/3D printing

+49 751 50920-36

SLS-manufactured plastic workpiece carriers

For the production of customer- and product-specific plastic workpiece carriers, we use the selective laser sintering (SLS) process. This additive manufacturing technology is particularly suitable for integrating functionalities. The component is self-supporting during the printing process as it lies in a powder bed during construction. Therefore, no additional support structures are necessary, opening up entirely new design possibilities. With SLS, we can easily produce complex plastic parts that need to be both robust and durable. Especially for small to medium quantities, the cost-effective SLS process is worthwhile compared to conventional injection molding. A production test has also shown that the SLS-manufactured workpiece carriers are less abrasive and, therefore, more durable than injection-molded trays.


For production, we use the material PA 12. This type of thermoplastic, proven in 3D printing, provides an optimal combination of

  • Durability
  • Toughness
  • Impact resistance
  • Accuracy
  • Fine surface resolution

 and is also environmentally friendly.


Customizable workpiece carrier

Available for download

Additive manufacturing process of trays using the SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) method

In selective laser sintering (SLS), a high-performance laser serves as the energy source, melting the plastic powder and thereby fusing the particles together. Based on the CAD data, a single or consolidated component is built layer by layer in the build chamber. After printing, the printed component is depowdered, and the individual elements of the consolidated assembly are separated.

In the additive manufacturing process demonstrated below, our 3D printing specialist Johannes Sonntag showcases the depowdering of a workpiece carrier or tray printed using the SLS method and as part of a consolidated assembly.

Tray production: print retrieval
Tray production: print retrieval
Depowdering of the tray
Depowdering of the tray
Finished product
Finished product


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Johannes Sonntag
Design/3D printing

+49 751 50920-36


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