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ROBOWORKER Machine Software

It makes a difference

The heart of the ROBOWORKER systems is its powerful, time-tested software with diverse functionalities and interfaces, which offers the customers maximum flexibility in the manufacturing of their products.

ROBOWORKER employs a team of its own developers in the areas of control technology, HMI and image processing. They jointly designed a platform and modules that can be flexibly used in the different machine types and adapted to the customers’ needs.

The ROBOWORKER PLC control with NC and CNC functionalities and an in-house developed configurable HMI software with integrated image processing enable simple and comfortable operation of the machines and guarantee user-friendly service and maintenance.

ROBOWORKER has always focused on the development of intelligent systems. In the age of Industry 4.0, the systems are able to communicate with each other as well as with a customer-owned management system. As a manufacturer of future-proof machines, we also focus on intelligent service. Many of our systems automatically remind about maintenance and repair sequences.

Should a quick support by ROBOWORKER technicians be necessary, they can switch onto the machine at any time after approval by the customer and help out.

ROBOWORKER employs a team of its own developers in the areas of control technology, HMI and image processing

Our know-how is a plus for our customers

The centerpieces of the ROBOWORKER system control are an Industrial PC with Windows 10 as operating system and Beckhoff Twincat automation software. The latter integrates  real-time control with PLC, NC and CNC functionalities. With this as the basis, ROBOWORKER developed a unique and flexible interface for linear robots with the IEC 61131 programming standard.

The advantages for our customers can be clearly demonstrated by using the example of press automation systems. The communication between the press and the removal system has been perfectly synchronized over the years. By using the camming function of the automation software, ROBOWORKER has not only optimized

  • speed by parallelizing process steps
  • precision
  • acceleration
  • gripper handling for the sensitive pressed parts

but also developed a high-efficiency mode without waiting times in front of the press, resulting in increased stroke rates and reduced energy consumption.

After more than 30 years in business, ROBOWORKER now has a large, tried and tested software library that offers many configuration options and allows for quick reaction to special customer requirements. The latest software versions can in most cases be made available for older systems due to the implemented standardization.

Switch cabinet of a press automation system

Switch cabinet of a press automation system

Of course with Touch Screen

Based on Visual Studio and by using the programming languages C# and C++, our developers design, conceive and implement user interfaces that are easy and intuitive to use.

The ROBOWORKER systems are usually operated via 19" touch screen and the teach-in of the axes is done via mobile handheld terminal with touch screen. Both screens offer language selection and user levels for accessing the menu functions.

In addition, our experts develop communication interfaces with higher-level control systems and peripheral devices, such as lasers and printers, and program management system and database connections, for example via current architecture systems such as OPC UA and WCF.





Touch Screen with modern HMI for intuitive operation

Machine operation via 19“ touch screen

Extensive statistical functions to trace customer product quality are integrated into the ROBOWORKER machines

The HMI developers are also responsible for the integration of extensive statistical functions to trace customer product quality.

Precision gripping, measuring and inspecting with trans-illumination and incident illumination

ROBOWORKER integrates image processing modules into its systems for precise picking and placing of products as well as for measuring and inspection tasks, using both trans-illumination and incident illumination technology.

For image processing tasks ROBOWORKER uses HALCON, one of the most up-to-date and most efficient vision libraries in the world. Based on this system ROBOWORKER has developed flexible software modules (IPM – Image Processing Modules) for inspection requests in the cutting insert sector which allow for customized adaptation of the inspection programs. IPM uses standardized interfaces to HMI and PLC and includes interfaces to different camera systems so that the latest camera systems can be integrated.

The storage of all images as well as inspection and measurement data allows for a traceability of any defect at any time. The data is saved on the machine but it is also possible to transfer the inspection data to a server onsite, e.g. via Ethernet interface.

System for the detection of position and orientation of workpieces

Position finding system for position recognition of products

Inspects color gradients, global color deviations, coating defects

Color inspection: gradients, global deviation, coating defects

Use of camera systems for laser marking and subsequent check of laser marking

Use of camera systems for laser marking and laser check

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