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High-Performance Packaging Lines with Inspection Functions RPL

ROBOWORKER's RPL high-performance packaging lines combine automatic palletizing of cutting inserts from tray stacks into package-boxes with lidding, labeling and stacking of boxes.

Optionally, measuring and inspecting functions such as

  • geometry measurement
  • surface inspection (structures)
  • surface inspection (color)

and a laser marking can be integrated.

The storage of all generated images as well as the inspection and measuring values enables 100% traceability of errors. The data is stored in the system, but can also be transferred to a customer server, e.g. via an Ethernet interface.

ROBOWORKER first delivered its inspection and packaging line with automatic lidding and labeling in 2004. All delivered systems are still in use today.

Basic Machine

  • Automatic tray and box loading
  • PosFinder system for all kinds of position recognition
  • High precision 4-axis robot for re-palletizing with automatic gripper exchange systems
  • 3-axis robot for tray and box handling
  • Magazines for box and lid storage
  • Lidding station
  • Labeling station with label position check
  • De-magnetizing station
  • Stacking station (into cardboard boxes, boxes etc.)
  • Intuitively operable 19“ touch screen
  • Upgradable with
    - fully automatic measurement of geometries and surface inspection
    - turning station
    - laser marking stations (top/lateral)
    - full box check
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