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Inspecting, laser marking and packaging with the new base models

ROBOWORKER developed the RoboInspect RIS is for the optical inspection of indexable cutting inserts, round tools, other sintered parts and workpieces made of any material, such as carbide, iron powder, ceramics and many more. With the new RIS 30 series and the RPL Base Line, we expand our portfolio with cost-effective concepts offering diverse applications in automatic inspection and end packaging.

Discover the benefits of our new base concepts.

Our quality concepts

The inspection machines are perfect for a range of industries: metal processing, automotive, battery technology or medical technology. Optionally, modules to extend processing capacity, apply laser marks or package parts are available.

Focusing on inspection
All-round in-depth inspection (optical measurement of dimensional accuracies, surface inspection, edge inspection) with documentation uploading for demanding workpieces (also dirty parts)

Focusing on packaging
High performance packaging with final-assurance inspection and documentation uploading for standard workpieces

Depending on the requirements, both 100% and interval inspection of the workpieces is possible.

Small parts in a size of 30 x 40 mm can be completely inspected with the standard inspection window. It can also be applied to inspect specific quality-relevant areas of larger workpieces.

The user-friendly operation of the machines is based on automated and standardized processes that can be flexibly supplemented by individual adjustments and settings.

As an option, all machine types can be combined with laser marking from above and/or from the side.


Laser marking of cutting inserts

Your Advantages with ROBOWORKER Inspection and Packaging Systems

When inspected automatically

Traceability through documented measurements and repeatable and objective defect detection

Availability of data for internal use and for customer documentation and validation

Complete inspection of all orders

Increased efficiency in the quality control

When packed automatically

Reduced labor costs

Reduced QC risks and excursions

Increased productivity

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty


For all questions, please contact


Matthias Giray
Area Sales Manager

+49 751 50920-25

Area Sales Manager Matthias Giray


Inspection Machines RIS

All-round in-process inspection: measurement of dimensional accuracy, edge and surface inspection. Extendable with various modules, such as laser marking.


Packaging Lines

High-speed packaging line with inspection functions such as dimensional accuracy measurement, surface inspection and laser marking.


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