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Brushing Stations RBS

The machine for repeatable and consistent brushing results

Enhance your cutting insert performance and extend product lifespan with ROBOWORKER brushing systems.

The ROBOWORKER deburring systems RBS are used for deburring the green parts before sintering. The burrs occur during the pressing process at the cutting edge of indexable inserts. During sintering, these burrs bake onto the surface. This leads to increased effort in post-processing.

With the RBS, the deburring process can be flexibly adapted to the nature of the pressed burrs. In this way, during automatic deburring, the burr roots are completely removed, ensuring uniform edges. This consequently enhances process reliability in subsequent processes.

The uniform and efficient deburring, also known as pre-edge preparation, contributes to higher accuracy and quality of cutting edge honing. This results in improved cutting performance and service life of the indexable inserts.

The RBS is available in fully automatic or compact versions.

Experience improved efficiency and consistent quality with ROBOWORKER brushing solutions.

BEFORE - Cutting insert with burrs at cutting edge
BEFORE - Cutting insert with burrs at cutting edge
Evenly distributed burrs: all sides equally brushed
Evenly distributed burrs: all sides equally brushed
Unevenly distributed burrs: different brushing
Unevenly distributed burrs: different brushing

Your Advantages with ROBOWORKER Brushing Stations

Increased quality due to increased cutting edge honing accuracy, improved cutting performance and longer service life of the end product

Maximum process reliability through repeatable parameterization and adaptation of the brushing process to the nature of the press burr

Maximum process repeatability through program storage


For all questions, please contact


Matthias Giray
Area Sales Manager

+49 751 50920-25


Brushing Stations RBS

In the fully automatic version of the ROBOWORKER brushing machines, the sinter trays with green compacts to be brushed are loaded into the machine via a magazine trolley. After brushing, they are automatically returned into the trolley. The trolley is compatible with all other ROBOWORKER systems for the press shop, such as the RPC powder compacting cells and the RDS drilling stations.

Alternatively, a partially automated version is also available, in which up to three trays with green compacts can be inserted and automatically processed one after the other.

The brushing process takes place via a high-precision axis system with various brushes:

  • Flexible parameterization for complex geometries
  • Storage of component-relevant data

The system is equipped with a suction device and mobile touch screens for system control.

Fully automated loading/unloading of the machine via magazine trolley

Brushing Stations RBS Compact

One tray with green compacts is manually inserted into the footprint-optimized compact version of the brushing station.

It is equipped with the same hardware and software features for processing the green compacts as the larger versions.

The system is controlled via a mobile touch screen.

In our footprint-optimized compact version of the brushing station, a single tray containing green compacts is manually inserted, optimizing space without sacrificing functionality. This compact version features the same high-quality hardware and software as its larger counterpart, ensuring smooth processing of green compacts. Control of the system is made intuitive and convenient through a mobile touch screen interface, offering flexibility and ease of operation.

Brushing station for manual loading/unloading
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