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Automation Systems for Powder Presses

RHA Systems

High-precision and Ultra-fast High-end Systems

With the RHA press removal systems ROBOWORKER has once again increased the precision, speed, functionalities and flexibility of the robot system with the new RL 35/4.

RHA automation systems are designed for lateral removal from powder presses, have a modular design and are equipped with magazine systems or double conveyor belts as a standard. Other tray handling systems such as transport trolleys or roller conveyors can also be integrated on request.


The robot system of the RHA machines is positioned on a mineral cast column construction. The switch cabinet is integrated in its rear side. The housing allows optimum access to the working area.

Base Model

  • Mineral cast column construction with 4-axis linear robot system RL 35/4, optional addition of 5th/6th axes in gripper (rotating, turning, tilting)
  • Robot systems with direct measurement systems at X, Y and Z1 axes
  • Optimized use of ROBOWORKER grippers (as a standard also flexible multi-axis gripper) and customer owned gripping systems
  • Gripper/punch cleaner station for automatic exchange
  • Ultra-precise part placing on all kinds of sinter trays including tray measurement
  • Freely adjustable and highly user-friendly 19” touch screen, plus mobile handheld terminal for teach-in


RHA with Magazine System

  • Machine for lateral sinter tray loading
  • Storage capacity: 3-10 levels for up to 10 carrier plates (depending on the sinter tray size, several trays can be processed per level)
  • Magazine loading/unloading during operation

RHA with double conveyor belt

  • Machine for lateral sinter tray loading
  • Storage capacity: up to 6 full and 6 empty sinter trays (depending on the sinter tray size, more trays can be processed via carrier plates)
  • Loading/unloading of double conveyor belt during operation

Extension options for all RHA systems with:

  • In-process deburring
  • In-process precision weighing
  • Image processing modules for quality control of the pressed part and for process optimization
  • Range of punch cleaner variants including flexible software modules
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