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Green Part Machining

Drilling and Brushing Know-how

Green and pre-sintered parts often require machining. ROBOWORKER therefore has special systems for drilling or brushing operations in its program. These systems achieve their particularly high efficiency through integrated component buffering and automatic handling.

The Alternative to Cross-Hole Pressing

For the production of special cutting insert geometries, e.g. tangential milling inserts, the purchase of a cross hole press often only pays off with high recurring quantities.

Manual green compact machining processes are generally less efficient due to the associated high labor intensity and scrap rates.

With the automated RDS drilling station, ROBOWORKER offers a powerful and cost-effective alternative to both methods, including small and medium batch sizes.

Your Advantages with ROBOWORKER Drilling Stations

Increased productivity due to fast adjustment of borehole geometries and short time-to-market

Cost savings due to reduced engineering time and low tool costs

Process stability through optimum compaction on standard presses and thus minimum borehole distortion after sintering

Drilling Station

  • NC controlled drilling spindle from above and below in different speed ranges
  • Individually programmable drilling axis (Z)
  • Individually programmable X/Y axes, e.g. for two drilling holes
  • Product specific clamping units with hold-down devices for exact positioning of the part
  • Special suction devices for eliminating the metal powder during the drilling process and cleaning the pressed part after drilling
  • Convenient HMI for programming and parameter setting
  • Camera systems for borehole check (as an option)

Possible distortion

on cross-hole pressed insert after sintering

Minimal distortion

of pressed blank without hole and efficient green machining process


  • Compact modular system, especially for horizontal loading and unloading based on proven PAG technology
  • 3-axis linear robot
  • Double conveyor belt for all types of sinter trays
  • Touch screen operation
  • Gentle and flexible gripping systems
  • Optional cleaning and inspecting of component

Repeatable and Consistent Brushing Results

With the ROBOWORKER brushing systems, the burr root, which adheres to the indexable inserts after pressing, is completely and evenly removed. Thus, cutting performance and time can be increased.

The brushing process can be flexibly adapted to the nature of the press burr.

Your Advantages with ROBOWORKER Brushing Stations

Increased quality due to increased cutting edge honing accuracy, improved cutting performance and longer service life of the end product

Maximum process reliability through repeatable parameterization and adaptation of the brushing process to the nature of the press burr

Maximum process repeatability through program storage

BEFORE - Burrs at cutting edge
BEFORE - Burrs at cutting edge
AFTER - Brushed with RBS
AFTER - Brushed with RBS

Basic Machine

  • Flexible parameterization for complexe geometries
  • Suction device
  • Storing of part related data
  • Manual workplace for manual visual inspection
  • Machine control via mobile touch screen


Pressing burrs are evenly distributed:

equal brushing from all sides; if necessary with reduced pressure

Pressing burrs are not evenly distributed:

different treatment of
insert sides

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