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Outstanding dynamics with the highest precision:

The ROBOWORKER high-tech powder press cell RPC

A ROBOWORKER RPC consists of a fully electric servo driven axial powder compacting press that works on the ejection principle, combined with the latest press automation technology. Only one controller is needed to operate the RPC. This allows for the full integration of all programming aspects of the process as well as for optimal synchronization of the axes in order to achieve high productivity.

ROBOWORKER’s RPC technology meets the highest standards in all major decision-making criteria such as optimal product quality and process stability, increased productivity, maximized user friendliness and ergonomics, compact layout, Industry 4.0, interface technology to the next process steps, maximum containment, outstanding price-performance ratio, etc.

This technology can be applied in all fields of powder compaction. The available nominal pressing forces are 120kN up to 300kN. Robotics are based on the latest technology that combines outstanding dynamics with the highest precision.

RPCs offer a list of technological features that are new to this industry and provide unique advantages/benefits. The features include revolutionary programming technologies, innovations in process control, in-line inspection technology and many more. The system can be equipped with multiple cameras for quality assurance and process monitoring. Through the utilization of modern data recognition technology the RPC offers full product traceability and, of course, includes ROBOWORKER’s comprehensive industry 4.0 communication.

Optimizing production

The ROBOWORKER RPCs with regards to technology, data management and profitability. Discover 32 top features.

The high-tech powder press for your production: The ROBOWORKER RPC
The high-tech powder press for your production: the ROBOWORKER RPC

Would you like to discover more about the ROBOWORKER RPCs?

We look very much forward to presenting to you the ROBOWORKER RPCs in greater detail and would be happy to talk with you about your requirements, so that we can better meet your company's individual needs. 

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