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Powder cake is removed from the printer

Did you know that we also manufacture customer and product specific plastic pallets?

January 25th, 2023

For more than 30 years, ROBOWORKER has stood for the development and manufacture of innovative high-tech production machines for precision parts.

With our 3D printing center, we are expanding our product range to include production equipment, underscoring our claim to provide the best possible support for our customers and their processes in all respects.

The 3D printing center has several printers and uses three different printing technologies depending on the type of component: the fused layer process or fused deposition modeling (FDM), the stereolithography process (SLA) and the selective laser sintering process (SLS).

For the production of customer and product specific pallets we use a plastic that offers a balanced mix of durability, toughness, impact strength, accuracy and fine surface resolution, and is also environmentally friendly. This results in pallets that meet the high demands of customers in a wide range of applications.

In addition to a short production time, our 3D printing allows customers great flexibility in terms of pallet shape (square, round, etc.), design of the inner structure (compartments, bars, pins, holes, grooves, etc.) and pallet size.

Our experienced design team is also available to design the pallets based on the component data and specific customer requirements, if needed.

We have been involved in additive manufacturing of components since as early as 2005 and are increasingly using this fast and flexible manufacturing option in our own machines to the benefit of our customers. For the future, we plan to steadily expand 3D printing and offer our customers an even wider range of printed production equipment.

Discover more about additive manufacturing at ROBOWORKER!

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