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Measuring and Inspecting with RoboInspect RIS

Geometry Measurement

Individual measurement of:

  • Lengths
  • Widths
  • Roll Pin
  • Radii
  • Angles
  • Inner circle
  • Outer circle
  • Form check

via individually operable measurement tool M-Box.

Cutting Edge Inspection

Recognition of:

  • Cutting edge chippings
  • Cutting edge cakings
  • Form deviations

Relief Inspection

Recognition of:

  • Local edge chippings in the outer contour area
  • Local surface defects, e.g. spallings, cakings, cracks
  • Position deviations of the structures (symmetry inspection)
  • Type recognition (same outer contour but different chip breakers)

Color Inspection

Recognition of:

  • Global color deviations of the complete part
  • Color gradients
  • Local coating defects on the surface
  • Local coating defects in the edge area
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