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Machines for Automating Machining Processes

Grinding Processes RGA

Automation Systems for Different Grinding Tasks

ROBOWORKER offers powerful automation systems for various grinding tasks such as thickness grinding or flat honing, based on tried and tested standard modules from press automation.


Automation of Thick Grinding Processes RGA-M10

  • Designed as a magazine system with 3-10 levels
  • Processing out of any kind of trays
  • 4-axis linear gantry robot system with integrated gripper exchange interface
  • Position finding and correction system for work pieces
  • Software toolbox for tray loading, palletizing patterns, machine interfaces etc.
  • Measuring functionalities can be integrated

Automation of Flat Honing Processes RGA/Disc

For precise loading and unloading of grinding discs 

  • Frame with 4-axis linear robot system
  • Direct measuring systems on X and Y axes
  • High resolution camera systems with PosFinder technology for loading and unloading of flat honing machine
  • Working position with trans-illumination
  • Mobile handheld terminal
  • Integrated switch cabinet
  • Options: loading/unloading of flat honing machine with one or two automation systems
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