ROBOWORKER brochures and catalogues

Factory Automation 2019

Loading, Unloading, Palletizing, Machining, Inspecting and Packaging of Precision Parts

RoboInspect RIS 210 – Roboworker Inspection System

Station for 100 % Inspection of Cutting Inserts

Powder Press Automation

RHA Systems
RAG 2 Systems
PAG 30 Systems

RHA Automation Systems

Cutting Edge Technology in Powder Press Automation


The Modular Automation for Horizontal Loading and Unloading

Automated Drilling Station RDS

The Economic Alternative to Cross-Hole Pressing and/or Manual Drilling

Accessories: Gripper/Punch Cleaner Program Press Automation

Vacuum/Suction Grippers
Hole Grippers
Parallel Grippers
Special Grippers
Punch Cleaners

RVA – Modular Automation for Vertical Loading

Automation-Cell Ready for Operation

  • Powder coated frame (welded steel) with integrated switch cabinet and touch screen operation
  • 3-axis linear robot with gripper change interface
  • Work piece storage prepared as linear magazine with 6 levels for carrier plates or slide-in units
  • Basic gripper
  • Protection fence with access door
  • Flexible software for quick programming of any application by the operator
  • ROBOWORKER standard interface for machine tools
  • Designed for a total weight of 10 kg/work piece with pallet