People in front of powder press in production hall

The new era of powder compacting technology With powder presses and powder compacting cells from ROBOWORKER

We have engaged in powder compacting technology and developed systems for highly competitive industries for many years.

For decades, many customers have relied on our proven robotic automations in their production processes. Our solutions have also established themselves worldwide in green part machining. Our automated drilling stations and brushing systems effectively process compacted parts before sintering.

Expertise in powder compacting technology further expanded

We added powder presses and powder compacting cells to our product lineup using our expertise in powder compacting technology. With these developments, we can offer our customers an even broader range of highly efficient and precise machines.

As a result, ROBOWORKER is the only manufacturer that equips the press shop with all the necessary machines.

Discover the new era of powder compacting technology with powder presses and powder compacting cells from ROBOWORKER!

ROBOWORKER Powder Presses RP Highest precision with the ejection principle

The axial powder presses from ROBOWORKER are servo-electrically driven and operate on the ejection principle. They have innovative process control and revolutionary programming technologies and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Automatic cleaning of upper and lower punches in the powder press
Robot removes compacts from the powder press

ROBOWORKER Compacting Cells RPC Production platform for the highest demands

The RPC from ROBOWORKER is a production platform that combines powder press, robotics, innovation, cost savings, and quality design. You can use it in all areas of powder compaction and for all powder materials.

Cutting inserts on sinter tray

Your direct line to us Learn more about ROBOWORKER powder compacting technology

We would be delighted to present our machines to you in more detail. As your competent partner, we are eager to accommodate your needs and requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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Matthias Giray
Area Sales Manager

Press shop technology chain Fully integrated concept eliminating manual handling of sinter trays

As the sole manufacturer, ROBOWORKER can equip the press shop with all necessary machines. We offer a fully integrated concept for the press shop where sinter trays require no manual handling. Additionally, the concept includes comprehensive data and process management.

  • The integrated magazine trolley first automatically unloads the powder press.
  • After that, it loads and unloads the automated drilling station RDS for the precise shaping of milling inserts.
  • Finally, it loads and unloads the automated deburring station RBS for precise and consistent cutting edges.
Schematic representation of the ROBOWORKER press floor technology chain
People in front of powder press in production hall
Powder Presses RP
Powder compacting cell RPC 120 with automation PAG 80 Magazine Solutions
Powder Compacting Cells RPC