Removing Burrs from Cutting Edges with RBS Brushing Systems Consistent and repeatable brushing results

During the pressing process, burrs form on the cutting edges of indexable inserts. These need to be removed before the sintering process, as residual deposits can stick and often lead to scrap. Alternatively, these adhesions must be ground off with high effort after sintering.

However, manual brushing of green parts depends on the worker's experience and is therefore not always consistent. Uneven manual brushing affects the edge honing process and cannot be corrected later. The edge honing significantly influences the cutting performance and durability of the indexable insert.

What RBS Brushing Systems can do

In the RBS brushing systems, entire sinter trays with green parts are brushed evenly and efficiently, removing burrs from the cutting edges. We offer various machine types, from systems where each tray is manually loaded to those with automated tray handling and long autonomy times.

The shape of the trays does not matter, as the systems can process all types of sinter trays. Depending on the type of indexable insert, a turning station can be integrated to brush the parts from both the top and bottom.

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Improved Cutting Performance and Extended Tool Life of All Cutting Edges of Indexable Inserts By complete burr root removal

ROBOWORKER brushing systems allow for flexible parameterization of the brushing process. Brushing speed, number of brush strokes, brushing angle, and much more can be individually adjusted.

Comparison of brushing results

Further advantages of the ROBOWORKER Brushing Stations RBS

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Process reliability through repeatable parameterization

Program storage allows all settings for product brushing to be recalled unchanged at any time.

Manual brushing results can also be influenced by the worker's daily condition.

Increased overall performance

Uniform brushing movements achieve consistent edge pre-honing across all parts on every sinter tray in an order.

Enhanced process reliability contributes to increasing overall performance and profitability of the production process.

User-friendly operation

The systems are operated in a highly user-friendly manner via a touchscreen with clearly designed screens.

Competitive price/performance ratio

ROBOWORKER brushing stations consistently deliver repeatable results at a fair price. See for yourself!

Schematic representation of different treatments for uneven pressing burrs
Left: Uniform burrs: Same Treatment on All Sides
Right: Non-uniform burrs: Differential Treatment

Correct Treatment of Burrs Through Optimal Brushing Parameters

Depending on the pressing process, burrs on indexable inserts may not always be uniform. However, the goal is to achieve consistent results after brushing. ROBOWORKER brushing stations can be parameterized to address uneven burrs by treating different sides of the green part differently. 

We employ a high-precision axis system with various precision brushing bars for this purpose. The brushing process is complemented by blowing the parts to remove debris, even during brushing.

All systems are equipped with efficient suction devices to immediately remove any powder residues generated during brushing.

Project Manager at Brushing Station RBS Compact
„The special feature of our brushing stations is that they not only deliver repeatable and uniform brushing results but are also easy to operate via a touchscreen without the need for programming skills. All relevant green part data is naturally saved.”
– Oliver Hugger, Project Manager Green Part Machining at ROBOWORKER
Sinter tray with parts
Brushing Station RBS with robotic automation with magazine trolley
RBS Magazine Solutions
Brushing Station RBS 100
RBS 100
Brushing Station RBS Compact
RBS Compact

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