For many years ROBOWORKER has been delivering inspection and packaging machines for metal cutting inserts. With these modular machines, geometries can be individually measured and cutting edges and surfaces inspected. A variety of boxes can be used for packaging, from special sizes to common boxes of 10 pieces.

Now, ROBOWORKER has enlarged its flexible geometry measurement with a new tool: MShape.
MShape is capable of measuring complex shapes quickly and efficiently, such as those found on threading inserts. Micron-level tolerance deviations on threading inserts will directly impact whether a finished work-piece is acceptable or not. With MShape, expensive form deviations are reliably detected and rejects are sorted out.

What are the characteristics of the new MShape tool?
- Quick and simple measuring of complex shapes
- Ideal target contour via DXF import
- Alternatively: mean target contour via master pieces
- Clear visualization of shape deviations and tolerances
- Detailed documentation of test results

What are the benefits?
- Time saving when new products are processed with the machine due to automatic teach-in
- Quality improvement due to focused intervention in upstream processes based on documented errors
- Reduction of labor costs due to reduced manual inspection

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