Production and Inspection Machines For manifold applications

ROBOWORKER develops production and inspection machines designed for manifold industries.

In the carbide sector, our spectrum ranges from powder presses to inspection and packaging systems. These versatile systems have proven themselves in technical ceramics, dental ceramics, special materials, precious metal industries, and automotive sectors. Additionally, our testing machines are suitable for applications in other fields such as watchmaking, battery technology, and medical technology.

Examples of industries where ROBOWORKER machines are used
Special Machinery

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metalworking to symbolize the hard metal industry

Carbide industry Quality and precision

For the carbide sector, ROBOWORKER offers a wide range of solutions, particularly for indexable inserts, as well as other carbide workpieces.

ROBOWORKER's production systems cover almost the entire manufacturing process of indexable inserts. Our offerings include presses, compacting cells, systems for green part machining, palletizing systems, and machines for inspection and packaging.

Ceramics, Special Materials, Precious Metal Industries From compacting to inspecting, all from a single source

ROBOWORKER production systems are excellently suited for manufacturing and handling parts made from ceramics, special or precious materials.

With ROBOWORKER presses, workpieces are compacted, optionally brushed, weighed, inspected, and then flexibly palletized. For automating presses, ROBOWORKER offers various automation systems that vary in speed and tray storage capacity.

Quality control of the workpieces after the processing process is handled by the all-round inspection machine, RoboInspect RIS. It checks dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the workpieces and can be optionally equipped with a laser marking module. To achieve high autonomy times, ROBOWORKER provides automatic tray stack processing for loading and unloading the inspection machine.

automotive components to symbolize the automotive industry

Automotive industry Increasing autonomy times with ROBOWORKER technologies

ROBOWORKER's compacting cells with flexible automation systems and inspection machines support the production process of high-quality automotive parts.

For the automated removal of precision parts from iron powder, the size of the tray storage is crucial as trays need to be filled quickly. ROBOWORKER offers various solutions to meet this requirement. Parts can be removed and palletized directly from the press or from conveyor systems where the components are transferred.

Additionally, ROBOWORKER provides buffering functions for components during tray changes. This ensures continuous press operation without interruptions or time-consuming adjustments.

ROBOWORKER also offers solutions to maintain high autonomy times during component inspection. Entire tray stacks are loaded into a robot stacker that automatically loads and unloads the inspection machine. Beyond inspection, the system can be enhanced with a laser marking module.

Watchmaking, Battery, and Medical Technology Measuring, inspecting, documenting

The production of components for the watchmaking industry demands utmost precision, where even minor deviations from specifications can significantly impact the final product. Our measuring and inspection systems cater to gears, dials, hands, bezels, bridges, escape wheels, and plates.

In battery technology, dimensional accuracy is critical alongside the exclusion of surface defects in structure and color. Positioning and orientation are also key factors.

For medical technology, beyond inspection, comprehensive documentation is crucial for traceability.

ROBOWORKER's AI-based inspection machines, such as the RoboInspect RIS, verify dimensional accuracy, surface quality, completeness of components, positioning, orientation, and more. All data and images are stored either on the machine itself or directly in the customer's ERP system.