Complete and even removal of the burr root to increase cutting performance and cutting time


  • De-burring table with Z stroke and rotation axis for programming of feed and of de-burring angles for sinter trays
  • De-burring device for smooth de-burring
  • Blowing nozzles
  • Integrated position with roller bearings for additional visual checking

Machine variants

  • RBS 100 with manual tray loading
  • RBS 100/S with stacker systems for automatic tray loading (Ø 30 trays)

Characteristics of the machine

  • Maximum process reliability through repeatable parameterization
  • Maximum process repeatability through program saving
  • Consistent brushing / pre-edge preparation of all inserts of an order
  • Complete elimination of the burr root
  • Increased process stability in following processes
  • Increased accuracy in cutting edge honing
  • Increased machining performance and longer lifetime of final product
  • High autonomy times by using the stacker system

Flexible adaptation of brushing process to configuration of pressing burrs

Pressing burrs are evenly distributed:

equal brushing from all sides; if necessary with reduced pressure

Pressing burrs are not evenly distributed:

different treatment of insert sides