For the manufacturing of cutting inserts with special geometries, such as tangential milling inserts, a cross hole press often only pays off if quantities are continuously high.

Manual green machining processes are in many cases relatively inefficient due to the high labor intensity and the often high scrap rate.

With its automated drilling station RDS, ROBOWORKER can provide a highly efficient and economical green machining alternative to both processes. The solution is also appropriate for small and medium sized orders.

The drilling station

  • Robust design for precise drilling
  • Ergonomic tool exchange
  • Precision drilling spindles perfectly harmonized with each other and mounted on a torsion-resistant axis system
  • Protection of chucks against drilling dust inclusion
  • Customized design of clamping units
  • Perfect clamping of different product types

The automation system

  • Compact modular system, particularly designed for horizontal loading and unloading
  • 3-axis linear robot
  • Double conveyor belt system for any kind of sinter trays
  • Touch screen operation
  • Smooth and flexible gripping systems
  • Optional cleaning and inspecting of the work piece

Characteristics of the machine

  • Minimal engineering required
  • Lowest tooling and engineering costs possible
  • Short time to market
  • Borehole geometry easily changeable by exchanging the drill
  • Minimal distortion after sintering