The machine concepts enable the re-palletization in the production process of cutting inserts without retooling times for various component types.

  • Loading from production pallets onto carrier plates
  • Unloading carrier plates into production pallets

Characteristics of RPS-CVD lines

  • Highly efficient, fully automatic re-palletizing of cutting inserts (even when randomly positioned) with image processing
  • High autonomy times of the machines due to integration of robot stackers with flexible number of positions
  • High output due to 
    - two alternately working precision robots
    - automatic change system for full/empty trays (no interruption of palletizing process when full tray is replaced by empty one)
  • Optimum allocation of inserts on the trays with freely programmable high density part placing pattern (ROBOWORKER pattern wizard), collocation of up to three different orders on coating carrier as a standard
  • Flexibility through integration of additional stations into the robot stacker, such as break-off station and loading of CVD coating carriers with spacers

Loading of CVD coating carriers

Loading of production trays