Modular lines with high performance and a vast range of options

The ROBOWORKER high-performance packaging line RPL combines automatic re-palletizing of cutting inserts out of tray stacks into final packaging boxes with lidding, labeling and stacking of the boxes.

But that’s not all. As an option inspection functions, such as

and laser marking (from top, bottom or side) may be integrated.

Image processing modules save all inspection results and, thus, enable complete traceability.

ROBOWORKER inspection stations are intelligent systems designed for industry 4.0 environments.

Characteristics of the ROBOWORKER packaging lines

  • High autonomy times
    flexible RSS stacker system for automatic handling of trays and boxes
  • Highest flexibility
    processing of a great variety of trays and boxes
  • Process stability
    repeatable and objective detection of relevant defects on cutting inserts
  • Traceability of defects
    focused intervention in upstream processes through detailed documentation
  • Reduction of labor cost
    automated inspection, packaging and labeling

ROBOWORKER has delivered its first inspection and packaging line in 2004. All delivered machines remain in full operation.