The latest generation high-precision, ultra-fast high-end systems

With the latest generation of press removal systems ROBOWORKER has once again increased the precision, speed, functionalities and flexibility of the robot system with the 4-axis robot RL 35/4 which can be extended to 6 axes with the 5th and 6th axes provided by new gripper technology.

This new robot is fixed to a mineral cast column construction and no longer mounted on the housing.

Press automation - basic machine

  • Ultra-precise part placing on all kinds of sinter trays including tray measurement
  • Closed housing in stand-alon version with optimal access to machine
    - Dimensions/design available in customized variants
    - Containment
  • Highly user-friendly due to freely adjustable 19" touch sceen, plus mobile handheld terminal for teach-in
  • Freely accessible switch cabinet in the column's rear side with safety and data relevant interface with the press

Extendable by:

  • Processing any kind of sinter tray with
    - stacker systems (transport trolleys, roller conveyors, lifting systems, magazine trolleys)
    - magazine systems
    - single or double conveyor belt systems
  • Adding ROBOWORKER stations (e.g. weighing)
  • Adding stations supplied by the customer (e.g. air box)