Highly flexible systems for any kind of pressed part

All our pick-and-place devices have one thing in common - the combination of speed, precision and reliability due to the use of special high-performance linear robots. We offer a range of efficient automation systems with perfect synchronization and rapid data exchange between press and automation system. These systems are suitable for a variety of powder presses and specific customer requirements.

Your advantages through our press automation systems

  • Increase your part quality with in-process de-burring
  • Increase your output with automatic punch cleaning
  • Maximize control of sintered dimensions due to the use of precision weighing cells
  • Minimize green scrap due to the factors listed above
  • Optimize furnace loading with freely programmable high density part placing pattern
  • Achieve maximum flexibility through highly versatile ROBOWORKER gripper technology: rotating, turning, tilting, single, double, manifold, vacuum, fingers, balloons etc.