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The size of the tray storage is important for the automated press removal of precision parts made of iron powder, as the trays are filled within a short time. ROBOWORKER offers various system solutions for this requirement. Part removal with subsequent palletizing can be carried out directly from the press or also from belt systems onto which the pressed parts are pushed by the filling shoe.

Furthermore, ROBOWORKER has provided buffer functions for the workpieces during the tray exchange. Press operation does not have to be interrupted and time-consuming adjustment is no longer necessary.

ROBOWORKER also offers a solution for high autonomy times when inspecting the workpieces. Entire tray stacks are loaded into a robot stacker, which automatically loads and unloads the inspection system. In addition to the inspection function, the system can be expanded with a laser marking module.

Automation systems and parts that can be automated in the automotive sector
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