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Fast and Precise – ROBOWORKER Automation Systems for Powder Presses

Highly flexible systems for any kind of pressed part

All our pick-and-place devices have one thing in common - the combination of speed, precision and reliability due to the use of special high-performance linear robots.

For different press types and customer requirements, we offer a range of efficient automation systems with seamless synchronization and rapid data exchange between press and automation system.

Our tray handling systems are capable of handling all types of sinter trays, whether

- round/square, with/without rim
- flat/ with grooves, islands etc.
- made of graphite and other materials, coated/uncoated
- with measuring marks, ID code and much more.


A ROBOWORKER gripper picks up fast and precisely a part from a powder press

Calculation of the dynamic cleaning interval based on image processing systems

For quality control (e.g. measurement of dimensional accuracy) of the pressed parts and for process optimization (e.g. automatic, dynamic cleaning interval for the press punches), image processing modules can optionally be integrated. This proven ROBOWORKER technology was developed for the ROBOWORKER inspection machines and can also be adapted for use in press automation.

The ROBOWORKER gripper range with rotary, turning, tilting, single, double, multiple, multi-axis, vacuum, jaw, hole grippers, etc., in combination with the proven software, which is continually being advanced in-house, ensures maximum flexibility from gripping in the press through all conceivable intermediate steps to placing onto the tray.

The machines are equipped with a 19" touch screen with new HMI. Operators can be trained in a very short time thanks to the intuitive design. New products are quickly created and stored on the machine via copy functions without any programming knowledge. This again significantly reduces setup times. Once stored, products are called up and started in seconds. The created products can also be transferred to other machines via interfaces.

Through constant advancements, we can ensure that the systems consistently meet the high requirements of our customers.

Your advantages with ROBOWORKER press automation systems

Increase your part quality with in-process de-burring

Increase your output with automatic punch cleaning and dynamic cleaning intervals

Maximize control of sintered dimensions due to the use of precision weighing cells and optical in-process measuring of dimensional accuracy

      Green scrap is reduced to a minimum

Optimize furnace loading with freely programmable high density part placing pattern

Short setup times

Connection to customer ERP systems via cutting-edge IoT interfaces, such as OPC UP

Do you have any questions concerning our automation systems for powder presses?

Our Sales Team will be happy to inform you.

Phone: +49 751 50920-25

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