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Additive Manufacturing of Production Equipment

A great variety of production equipment, such as customer and product specific pallets are produced in ROBOWORKER's 3D printing center - flexible, fast, resource friendly.

We have been involved in the additive manufacturing of components since 2005 and are increasingly using it to manufacture production equipment (e.g. pallets) for our customers.

3D printing can be used to produce special component geometries or even multi-part assemblies that cannot be manufactured using conventional manufacturing processes.

Additively manufactured components are lighter than conventional components, which is particularly advantageous for dynamic assemblies. Adaptations and new productions can be carried out flexibly and quickly.

The manufacturing process is also resource friendly, as a large proportion of the used powder can be recycled and reused.

Last but not least, additive manufacturing is an interesting economic alternative, especially for smaller and medium batch sizes for which the production of an injection mold would be too cost intensive.

Examples of pallets produced in the ROBOWORKER 3D printing center
Examples of pallets produced in the ROBOWORKER 3D printing center
Example of specific packaging boxes
Example of specific packaging boxes
Examples of filling shoes
Examples of filling shoes

Production Equipment Produced in the ROBOWORKER 3D Printing Center

In our 3D printing center, expanded in 2022, we produce a variety of production equipment for our customers using different printing technologies, depending on the requirements of the respective component:

  • customer and product specific pallets
  • special packaging boxes
  • individual filling shoes for powder compacting presses
  • product specific gripper jaws
  • and much more

Manufacturing of Pallets

For the production of customer and product-specific pallets we use a translucent plastic offering an optimal mix of properties including

  • durability
  • toughness
  • impact strength
  • accuracy and
  • fine-feature surface resolution

In addition to a short production time, our 3D printing offers great flexibility in terms of:

  • pallet shape (square, round, etc.)
  • design of the inner structure (compartments, bars, pins, holes, grooves, etc.)
  • pallet size


Pallets can be equipped with a RFID chip for traceability.

Upon request, RFID chips can be integrated into the pallets for traceability.



Examples for product specific pallets
Examples for product specific pallets
Competent ROBOWORKER design services
Competent ROBOWORKER design services

Our Services

ROBOWORKER provides comprehensive support:

  • Design
  • Data management
  • Prototype printing
  • Product finishing, such as blasting, vapor smoothing, barrel finishing, varnishing, including of thread inserts, subsequent machining and other special treatments
  • Series production from batch size 1

Our design team is ready to assist you with creativity and expertise if you need specific production equipment for which you do not yet have optimal design solutions.

Before a component goes into series production, we produce a prototype that is reviewed and approved.

Pallet production: removal from the printer
Pallet production: removal from the printer
Final product
Final product

Let’s talk about our range of services and your requirements. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you.

ROBOWORKER After Sales Service
Phone: +49 751 50920-27

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