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Big Demand for Automated ROBOWORKER Drilling Stations

For many years ROBOWORKER has successfully delivered devices for the machining of green parts. There is currently a big demand for the latest version of the automated drilling station RDS. RDS is an efficient and economical alternative to

  1. cross-hole pressing, which requires a high investment in the machine as well as tooling and development costs that can only be justified with large repeat orders
  2. manual drilling, in which the machining process is in many cases relatively inefficient due to intensive labor costs and the often high scrap rates.

The RDS is designed for drilling from top and bottom. After the drilling process ROBOWORKER offers a variety of options for cleaning and inspecting the green part. The automation of the machine is based on proven PAG technology with double conveyor belt. In the standard version, the belt offers a buffer for three trays with undrilled parts and three trays with drilled parts.

Which user benefits does the RDS offer? The comparison of cross-hole pressing and drilling of green parts will answer this question.

Cross-Hole Pressing

One step net-shape manufacturing process

Only suited for high production volumes

More expensive powder compaction equipment

Substantial engineering required

High tooling costs

Several tooling alterations possibly required

Complex set-up process

Risk of tooling damage and therefore high tooling repair costs

Unbalanced density distribution within the compact possible

Possible distortion of compact during sintering

Drilling of Green Parts

Blank Compaction

Compaction on standard pressing equipment

Standard pressing process

Optimal density distribution in blank

Simple press set-up

Green Drilling

For tangential milling inserts and crankshaft milling inserts

Minimal engineering required

Lowest tooling and engineering costs possible

Short time-to-market

Also suited for small to medium order sizes

Bore-hole geometry can be easily changed by exchanging drill

Minimal distortion after sintering

Separate process step on additional equipment

Possible distortion of cross hole pressed cutting insert after sintering
Minimal distortion after sintering

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